Evacuations order as fire engulfs structure in Paso Robles

June 22, 2020

A fire that started in the Salinas Riverbed on Monday afternoon, is burning a structure in the bluffs above South River Road. City officials have ordered multiple evacuations as the fire threatens additional structures.

Shortly before 2 p.m., the fire was spotted burning in the river bed. The flames then jumped River Road, headed up the bluffs and engulfed at least one structure.

The San Luis Obispo County Office of Emergency Services provided an evacuation map showing an area bordered by Highway 101, Highway 46 and Niblick Road. The city has opened two evacuation centers: the Paso Robles Veteran’s Hall at 240 Scott St and the Senior Center at270 Scott Street.

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I live close to this. Paso’s agenda is to only cater to the rich, and let the poor mentally ill Vietnam vets en mass, homeless are Vets many times so give a shite folks, live in the Salinas; boycott the homeless boycott the Veterans, just be open about your “hate of the poor”. We have no homeless services here to accommodate change, they haven’t built the warming shack next to the sewer plant, but have no problem passing a 400 room, 80 condo, several thousand acre luxury resort for literally rich people only, the other night. Laughable is an understatement for the Gateway project, city council meeting. We have a fire a week due to people with no homes forced to live in the river that Firestone Brewery sucked dry, they use Salinas water to make your drugs “beer” FYI. They charged 1500 a month for the condemned apts on spring street btw, that was /is the rate for mold infested 2b apt here in Napa Valley, oops I meant Paso or Adalaida. I cant stand this town. Sell outs our city council is. We have Walmart and 2 McDonalds and the Resnicks along with SEVERAL other multi millionaires and Billionares! Paso is a literal crap pool. I miss living in Atascadero. Yet this town is full of working class peons catering to the 1%s side vineyard gig, for fun, at 13 dollars an hour. Rant over. To state, I actively participate in every council/water board meeting wasting my life to watch my families home sell out and obliterate it’s natural beauty. The Chumash Peoples land, to sell out to sociopathic elitists whom clear cut land breaking the law, and donate to charity vs jail. Oh the bail system, oh being rich and buying your way out of Democracy. Continue to Boycott Justin Vineyard, Firestone Brewery and the Resnicks Paso Brethren Pom Wonderful no thanks snakes!!, Pasostrong, minus the rich and racist. Rant and fact based statements over x2.

I have a simple suggestion….MOVE!

Just maybe the taxes from those tourist traps you’re complaining about will help finance the homeless services you want. Just maybe

No, those taxes go back into the pockets of the lobbyists, I mean the Resnicks.

Kevin, How many of these people have you opened your own home to……I though so.

Actually many, many people I have let into my home for a warm meal and legal advice. Also, haters here hate me more; I advocate locally for homeless by engaging with local law enforcement to make sure the county isnt violating their rights! And yes, I plan on moving, my family has been here since the 1800s, and it’s my time to leave this gentrified mess, I’ll let the Feds mop it up.

Have you thought about moving to Shandon or San Miguel?