Sex, lies, and voting irregularities embroil Avila Beach company

June 3, 2020


The general manager of a water company in Avila Beach stepped down after it was discovered he was secretly married to an employee. Rick Koon, who also is a company board member, voted on raises for his wife. He also assigned her, as an employee, to count ballots in his re-election to a seat on the water company’s board.

Koon was employed as general manager for 17 years by the San Miguelito Mutual Water Company while also sitting on the board. As general manager, he directly supervised the company’s handful of employees including the employee who would become his wife.

In 2016, the water company’s former accounting and administrative manager complained of a hostile work environment, partially based on flirtatious behavior between Koon and Michelle Edson, another employee. In 2016, Koon fired the administrative manager, and then promoted Edson to the position more than doubling her pay, according to a board member.

In Aug. 2018, Koon divorced his wife. Four months later, he married Edson, according to county records. Even so, Koon continued to supervise his wife’s work, and, as a board member, he voted on her raises.

As the administrative manager, Michelle Edson, as she continued to be known in the water company, determined who was eligible to vote for members of the water company board. She then counted the ballots that would determine whether her husband would remain on the board. Koon won the election, retaining his seat on the board, according to board members.

About two years ago, concerned with rumors that Koon and Edson were romantically involved, Board Member Martin Suits asked attorney Tim Carmel, the water district’s legal counsel, to look into his concerns. However, Carmel failed to report his findings to Suits, he said.

Carmel has not returned requests for comment.

“Tim Carmel said he would take care of it,” Suits said. “He is a horrible attorney, and I have had a lot of experience with attorneys.”

Suits was a judge for 35 years — a superior court judge who served on the Juridical Council’s executive committee.

Earlier this year, activist Julie Tacker discover the marriage and informed Suits, who then condemned Koon’s wife’s participation in his election.

“The deception, she should not have touched those ballots,” Suits said. “Such a flagrant violation of ethics. It is plain old corruption.”

Multiple water district shareholders have voiced outrage over Koon and Edson’s marriage and expressed concerns about his management of the district.

On April 18, shareholders Larry Bittner and Bob Pusanik emailed Marvin St Pierre, the water company board president. They raised concerns regarding conflicts of interest and Koon’s financial dealings.

“The actions and possible omissions of Mr. and Mrs. Koon defy any ethical standard and are a violation of the company “Conflicts of Interest Policy,” the email says. “Based upon the foregoing, Mr. Koon’s election to the board may have been corrupted by his wife’s participation in the election and should be referred to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney and the California Department of Corporations for investigation.”

On April 29, Koon resigned as general manager, but has retained his seat on the board.

Shareholders also expressed concern that Koon was not eligible to be a board member under the company’s bylaws, which require board members to own property or serve as an officer in corporations that own property in the area served by the water company. Koon noted he is the assistant secretary to the Avila Land Investment LLC. However, while he has been a water company board member for more than 20 years, he has only been a secretary of the LLC for a year.

Koon has not responded to requests for comment.

At last week’s annual shareholder meeting, the board voted to hire Brad Hageman as its interim general manager.

For the past eight years, the Cayucos Sanitary District has also employed Koon as its general manager.

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Will be moving into the San Luis Estates in November. Does anyone have a list of utilities to contact to establish service? Elec, gas, Internet etc…

Did those two have kids prior to their illicit affair-turned marriage? Don’t uncover THAT stone. It’s kind of weird.

Tim Carmel does seem to have a knack for covering up those office romances.

Tim Carmel or his associates have failed the residents of AG countless times, but those in charge keep doing business with his firm for some reason.

Someone should investigate his role with Cayucos. The board there approve a salary of 210,000 a year to manage 5 people, working only 32 hours a week. I would like to know if the board members are getting kickbacks from him,relted to him or perhaps they are just ignorant people. Cayucos is a town of 3500. This sanitation board members are collectively dumber than a box of rocks

Who is the attorney for Cayucos?

Activist Julie Tacker slays another sleazy “public” employee cheating the ratepayers!

Ha, Koon works for the csd in Cayucos if i remember right he was right in there on their new sewer plant that they are building, although that plant is doing a little better than the one for Morro Bay, that one ha ssome problems going on and thats gonna cost the taxpayers a bunch more, and Carmel is useless I used him several years ago and almost lost a case in the judges office with him,I ended up saving my own ass.

Who is the attorney for the CSD in Cayucos?


There seems to a pattern around SLO county of people who bundle together in government. Carmel, Wallace, Koon….. who else?