SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon calls for $100,000 in racial equality funding

June 3, 2020

Mayor Heidi Harmon

Amid a pandemic and ongoing protests, San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon has called for the city of SLO to set aside $100,000 to fund the promotion of social and racial equality. [KCOY]

Harmon said she would request that city council members approve the funding and that the money should be used toward meaningful efforts to create a city in which tear gas will never be used again.

“In my position of leadership, and in my privilege as a white ally, I will be advocating for funding to go directly towards policy and efforts to better serve our communities of color and create more equity here in San Luis Obispo,” Harmon said.

San Luis Obispo Police Chief Deanna Cantrell also addressed this week’s protests, though she defended her officers’ use of tear gas.

Cantrell said it is incredibly dangerous for protesters to march onto a highway with vehicles traveling 70 or 80 mph. Cantrell said it creates danger for the protesters, as well as for drivers and law enforcement.

On the standoff that ensued, Cantrell said a police captain spoke with the leader of the protest. After authorities declared the protest an unlawful assembly, some protesters tried to push through the police line.

Police responded by firing pepper spray balls into the ground. Then, some protesters turned violent and bottles, rocks and fireworks were thrown at officers. So, officers fired tear gas, Cantrell said.

SLO City Manager Derek Johnson said he was considering whether or not to impose a curfew, as authorities have done in many jurisdictions across the country.

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What a crock! $100K to do what exactly? We going to have community potlucks? Sunday brunch? Hire out of town “experts” to lecture us on how to be “less white” or give the mayor’s social activist cronies part time jobs?

These stupid f**kers will spend $100K this year and then report back that while “progress has been made” there remains more to be done and therefore we need $ 200K next year to continue our “vital work”. Finally they will make this a permanent part of the annual city budget.

Added to this is that with all overtime they are paying the police officers to ensure the safety of our peaceful demonstrations and the lack of sales tax and bed tax revenue, where does Madam Mayor think she is going to find the money for this?

I know Heidi! Why don’t you crawl to Helios Daysprings and Nick Andre and ask them to fund it with a donation from their marijuana sales!

With some work all people in SLO, black and white, can be equally stoned on Helios’ medicinal herb.

In lily-white SLO?! Oh that’s rich. They can barely stomach people from the Central Valley.

There’s good reason..maybe if the valley people wouldn’t leave their trash all over our beaches, they’d be more welcome

Ok, 100k. Can we start with the $46,164 in raises they voted for themselves which kicks in next term? The 2nd raise they gave themselves in less than 2 years and did it as a global pandemic was brewing. The same pandemic which is causing millions in lost revenue and hits to our budget (county we know is 50+ mil) – do we know the shortfalls for slo city? Is our city council and mayor woke enough to set aside their privledge and sacrifice their latest raise for this cause ?

Liberals are masters at spending other people’s money for non-means tested social welfare programs.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Where is that funding going to come from? When you act and make decisions being led by emotion it usually doesn’t end well. That’s what you are doing. Please tell us how throwing money at this issue will fix anything? How does that create racial or social equality? What happens with the $100,000 runs out? What happens if a council member opposes it and votes no? Will they be deemed a racist? What will you do Heidi when your “feel good about yourself” idea doesn’t solve the problem? Go back for more money? Why do you divide people by color including yourself, instead of looking at them as a fellow human being? Doesn’t that show a sense of racism? Why do you feel guilty about the way God made you? Have you ever tried be an ally and advocate for Him instead of man? I encourage you not get on one knee, but both, and pray for your repentance and then call on God for discernment, wisdom, guidance, and His will to be done in all of this. A Godly position of leadership will go farther than you can ever imagine. Please remember and understand this, “Hell” and destruction are never full, so the eyes of man are never satisfied”. (Proverbs 27:20)

Make no mistake – we will end racism in SLO for $100,000!

They are faced with budget shortfalls for their existing services but she wants to set aside $100,000. It’s painful to even watch. The police should have never let protesters onto the freeway let alone vandalize businesses that have already suffered immense economic hardships Those of us who fallow the rules deserve better. So glad I don’t live in SLO

You have it wrong. The MLB folks did not vandalize anything. That was done by four teenagers in a normal burglary, the cops got them. Don’t be throwing any ignorant mud at the MLB movement.

MLB? Major League Baseball?

The protesters didn’t vandalize anything, that was four teenagers with pellet guns. Reported here on CCN, try reading the stories before spreading untruths.

What sort of cretins are reading and scoring these posts? I can understand lame brain red necks having a cow about any reasonable comment that violates their childish politic but one simple fact? ONE SIMPLE FACT is presented and you fall apart, whining like a bunch of babies and shout down my fact.

Read the news idiots, the window trashing was NOT done by the MLB people-you voted that comment down.

Right on you fools. Careful when you travel, might fall off the edge of the earth.

Not sure why you are throwing a tantrum about this, calling people names and profiling “lame brain rednecks” (which is one word by the way) because they don’t agree with your comments. You want to believe the looting that took place has nothing to do with the protesters when actually it does. These kids along with a bunch of other people believe that its ok to break windows and steal from others. Those kids have been watching this crap go on for days- why not get a piece of the pie. What about Santa Maria mall. Was that an isolated incident too? If this is all made up and these protesters/vandals are/were peaceful then stores wouldn’t be boarding up their windows and closing their doors. BLM is dragging themselves through the mud. Oh and by the way, peaceful events don’t require tear gas.

…and peaceful protestors don’t carry Molotov cocktails and rocks for the “right moment”

Do you read? The protesters DID vandalize. They broke into shoe palace, CCS and other stores. They also were throwing rocks and bottles at the police station. Is that considered ignorant mud?

Numerous news reports indicate the vandalization and looting of CCS, etc. was not done by protesters. It was four teenagers from SLO, Atascadero and Paso who were not involved in the protests.

As long as it comes out of her own paycheck I’m good with it. Use tax dollars for this nonsense? No.

Her paycheck IS tax dollars.

Notice the cities under liberal control for so long are the same that have decayed into cesspools of poverty and now mayhem. Right Harmon, just throw some more taxpayer money at it. That’ll fix it! Just like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore, and on and on….

San Luis Obispo…well on its way into the sewer.

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