Comparing coronavirus cases by county

July 18, 2020

The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in more densely populated counties in California, while seven rural counties currently have no active cases and 17 have had no deaths.

More than half of the 7,611 people who have died from the coronavirus in California live in Los Angeles County. Compared to neighboring counties, San Luis Obispo County has lower rates of coronavirus cases and deaths then all but one.

Confirmed coronavirus cases by county:

Los Angeles County has 150,319 confirmed cases, 4,047 deaths.

Fresno County has 9,565 confirmed cases, 100 deaths

Kern County has 7,435 confirmed cases, 105 deaths.

Tulare County has 6,683 confirmed cases, 165 deaths.

Ventura County has 5,231 confirmed cases, 57 deaths.

Santa Barbara County has 4,872 confirmed cases, 32 deaths.

Kings County has 3,172 confirmed cases, 41 death.

Monterey County has 3,059 confirmed cases, 18 deaths.

San Luis Obispo  County has 1,213 confirmed cases, six deaths.

San Benito County has 434 confirmed cases, two deaths.

During the past two days, there have been 101 newly confirmed coronavirus cases in San Luis Obispo County. Paso Robles leads with 19 new cases, followed by Nipomo with 14, and both San Luis Obispo and Atascadero with 12.

Of the 1,213 confirmed coronavirus cases in SLO County, 737 individuals have recovered, and six have died. Of those still suffering from the virus, there are 11 people in the hospital — five in intensive care, and 411 recuperating at home.

Cases by city:

  • Paso Robles — 288
  • San Luis Obispo — 188
  • Nipomo — 166
  • Atascadero — 124
  • Arroyo Grande — 112
  • Grover Beach — 55
  • San Miguel — 43
  • Templeton — 46
  • Pismo Beach — 36
  • Oceano — 26
  • Los Osos — 26
  • Morro Bay — 16
  • CMC — 11
  • Cambria — 11
  • Santa Margarita — 10
  • Cayucos — 8
  • Shandon — 7
  • Avila Beach — 6
  • Other county cases — 34

As of Friday evening, there have been 374,162 positive cases, and 7,611 deaths in California.

Currently, more than 3,770,491 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 142,066 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 14,221,752 cases with 600,133 dead.

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My understanding is that the average age of death is 82.

My understanding also is that those under 70 have a lower mortality rate than the regular flu.

People are just getting tired of Gov Newson’s game of “Simon says”….close, open, close, open, masks, open, church, no church, no gyms, no haircuts, no restaurants, no singing, no protests except BLM, …. FACT 1– the virus will not go away now, and it was never going to go away until it runs the natural cycle. We can slow it, delay it, alter it, but we cannot kill it en masse. FACT 2– Shaming folks has the opposite effect for compliance. FACT 3- wearing a mask is a good thing, but not the cure for spread, it helps folks keep care in front of them. FACT 4- Over 97% of those who contract the bug will live. I’m truly saddened by those who will not. Inescapable. FACT 5– unless we start to see the facts void of politics, we will set the world into a violent economic depression the like of which the world has not seen in modern times.

Your viewpoint is has been discussed widely.

The flip side is that even with measly 3%(unless it’s you or a loved one) death rate, a much higher rate has either lingering or long term health effects. In the beginning the shutdowns were to slow the spread, so as not to overwhelm the health care system. As scientists and doctors have learned more about the long term effects of those affected with the virus, they’ve lobbied to extend the shut downs, i’m thinking, until a treatment or vaccine is perfected.

You can still argue against the need for the extension or even shutdown at all, but all the facts should come into play!!!

Hey if you think you could do a better job, go for it. Newsoms a goober, but at least he’s trying to do whats best to protect people. You dont like it, move to Florida

Your “facts” imply we are powerless. We are not powerless. We CAN protect ourselves and our families. We can slow COVID down. It is being slowed down in disciplined countries all over the world. This delay will provide the time for a vaccine to be developed. Moderna’s vaccine is very good news. So, we are going to survive this through discipline, and by doing the simple things, wearing a mask, washing hands, social distancing, and getting vaccinated when it is available.

Oh BTW, you need a FACT 6 – the economy is not going to come back until a vaccine is developed and widely available, because many folks ain’t shopping, eating out, lodging, cruising, or bar drinking until it is. And the old folks, especially in this county, have the dollar power.

BTW, somewhere you need to give Trump credit for the initial, and partial credit for the continuing, virus spread in this country. Then you are being honest.

BTW, your “void of politics” is phony just look at you initial Newsom slam.

BTW, aye or mullyman or what other alias you use on this blog, what arrogance to say YOUR understand this virus’ “natural cycle” and to speak for others.

I won’t be running out to be the first one in line to get a vaccine shot for covid. I’ve never received a flu shot. It’s been over 35 years since I even had the flu. What ever I’ve been doing is working. I may have had the common cold a couple of years ago.

It will be a while before vaccine is available for the general public, so there will be plenty before you. Just based on the anecdotal stories in the press, COVID-19 can change lives including yours. I would get this shot.

Mazin, counsellor, chill fella. BTW, didn’t mean to touch a nerve, but you started running in circles there. You will survive this and be fine. No fear.

The rest of the story is: 33 California Counties have lower case rates than San Luis Obispo County and 31 California Counties have fewer death rates than San Luis Obispo County.

Looking at the latest figures for SLO County, 1,213 have tested positive, out of 29,177 tests. That gives 4.16 positives for every 100 tests. Well below most areas. Of course this is an average from the beginning, I wish they would go Month to Month so we could really see how we are doing.