Seven men charged in SLO County for soliciting prostitution

July 18, 2020

San Luis Obispo County prosecutors filed solicitation of prostitution charges earlier this month against seven men arrested in a law enforcement sting operation targeting human trafficking and prostitution.

As part of a yearly statewide human trafficking crackdown, law enforcement agencies on the Central Coast arrested three pimps, 22 prostitutes and 14 Johns. The sixth annual Operation Reclaim and Rebuild was executed during January to correlate with National Human Trafficking Awareness month and was focused on rescuing victims of human trafficking and aiding them in rebuilding their lives.

At that time, officials were not releasing the names of those arrested because of ongoing investigations.

The following suspects are scheduled for arraignment, for solicitation of prostitution charges, on July 22, in the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court.

Vernon Randall Anderson, 66, of Templeton

David Sean Byrnes, 54, of San Luis Obispo

Jake Daniel Ceniseroz, 32, of Atascadero

Maximo MaldonadoGuzman, 45, of Santa Maria

Stephan Ruffino, 66, Santa Maria

During the January sting, law enforcement also arrested Guy Alvin Azama Jr., 32, of San Fransisco for human trafficking and pimping. Azama pled to the charge and was sentenced on May 5 to serve five years in state prison.

In January, deputies targeted massage parlors where there have been reports of illegal sexual activity. Charges ranged from prostitution, pimping to possession of drugs and firearms.

The Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo county sheriff’s offices, local police departments, and the FBI participated in the sting operation.

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There is a lot more to the reasoning behind restrictions on sex trades than some people just don’t like it. Morality does have a very important role in society. We should openly and honestly discuss these ideas in more than just the comments section of an online paper. Talk to your local women shelter or police agency. Set aside some time and maybe bring some tissues.

“In January, deputies targeted massage parlors where there have been reports of illegal sexual activity. Charges ranged from prostitution, pimping to possession of drugs and firearms.”

Where are all these infamous massage parlors that I keep reading about? I’ve never in my life seen one. I’ve got a lot of stress that needs to be worked out.

It seems like a disproportionate ratio between prostitutes and johns. 22 – 14. Were the same johns involved with multiple prostitutes or did they let them walk sometimes?

I guess this is a area where I fall into the more Libertarian category. How is prostitution even illegal?

The Supreme Court in Roe vs Wade gave women the constitutional right to do what they want with their bodies. Where did the exemption come in that doesn’t let them rent it for a hour at a time?

Doesn’t mean that trafficking in any way, adults and especially children should be protected to full extent of the law! But if full grown women want to work as strippers, in adult movies or privately in a hotel room, let them and their customers be.

Agree with Boldguy. Between consenting adults, why is this illegal? Why try to force morality on others? Why make others into felons because of their lousy personal choices?

The human trafficking element is why it’s a serious issue but that would go away if it were legalized and regulated.

The trafficking would go away if prostitution were legalized and regulated the same way drug cartels would go away if we legalized all drugs and regulated them. It’s such b.s. that the government routinely tells us what we can and can’t do privately. I’m pretty liberal but the libertarian side of me comes out when it comes to government overreach regarding private citizen decisions that don’t hurt others.

but were they wearing masks….

Betcha that none of the toots or johns were wearing masks. Freedom is freedom. If you don’t care about the funk one way, you probably don’t care about it the other way. The “free-to-be” non-hygienic is just like the Prez.