Four people killed in Templeton crash identified

July 1, 2020

The California Highway Patrol has identified the four people killed Monday evening in a crash in Templeton as Kegin York, 22, of Creston; Taylan Perez, 22, of Paso Robles; Karen Montescabrera, 21, of Paso Robles; and Shelby Biaggini, 23, of Bend, Oregon.

At about 9:30 p.m., York passed a vehicle at a high-rate of speed and then hit the brakes, causing the vehicle to spin out and crash into an oak tree on Neal Springs Road near Deer View Lane. The four occupants of the car were pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators are asking anyone who witnessed the crash or the moments leading up to the crash, to contact the CHP at (805) 434-1822.

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Well, I see I got a resounding response to my original comment. Agree or not agree, but truth is truth.

Yes, this ‘accident’ was a horrible and terrible thing; and the families of these individuals will suffer greatly for a long time. You can feel sympathy, offer prayer, etc. but that does not hide the truth.

The driver did a stupid thing- whether he was drunk or whether he was trying to show off for his passengers will never be known. But it needlessly cost him his life and three others.

COVID-19 also does not need prayers or expressions of sympathy – it needs many more people just to use common sense – the sense we were all born with – somehow gets forgotten as we age.

We want to shout that we are invincible – we can fully open our economy – blah, blah, blah.

Again, if you want to kill yourself – so be it. Just don’t needlessly and stupidly kill others because of some bravado or some vanity. Wear a mask!!

Because nobody takes responsibility for their crap anymore always somebody else’s fault.

I know the families involved and I know the first responders. I also know those who did further investigation. The driver has raced cars and has much experience when it comes to driving at high speeds. They were driving in one of the passenger’s new sports car and I’m sure they were all encouraging Kegin to go fast as many people find that fun to do with friends. None of the victims knew those roads that well. There was a slight hill in the road that appears to be a straightaway, you can’t tell in the dark until you are coming down from it. The vehicle caught air and when it came down, it flipped into a tree and wrapped around. No alcohol was involved, he wasn’t trying to show off, it was simply a group of friends trying to have fun. Your insensitivity on this topic is beyond immature, people lost their lives, families lost their loved ones, none of the victims’ families blame the driver for this, why should you? It is not your place to judge whatsoever.

Damn. It’s very likely the young man was at fault, but who among us can look back and say we never made a reckless move behind the wheel? Four young lives are lost, leaving behind four families who’s lives are forever changed by the senseless loss of their loved one.

My heart goes out to all of these families, especially the mother of the driver. The burden of knowing her son is likely responsible for the deaths of three others is a heavy one.

Very well stated Shish.

No way! The driver was at fault? How do you figure that? Uh, most of us haven’t made a move like THAT.

This is such a tragic story. Oh how I pain for the sorrow and grief that has taken hold of the families of these children…..

May the peace and love of God be with you all.

It is a shame that three other people had to die because of the stupid actions of one. If it had only been York …well

Now relate this to mask wearing to stem the spread of COVID-19. Other, vulnerable people have died and will continue to die because of the stupid actions of many who feel that they are ‘immune’.

If they want to harm or kill themselves – so be it – just don’t kill someone else.

Use some common sense. Don’t speed at 75-80 mph into a curve with a 25-30 mph safe speed and expect to cause no harm.

Facebook much?