SLO County sheriff thanks the community for outpouring of support

July 1, 2020

Sheriff Ian Parkinson

Opinion by San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson

It never fails to amaze me, how people come together in times of a crisis. A few weeks ago, we had a tragic incident play out in Paso Robles which left an innocent man dead, seriously wounded one of our deputies and injured four other law enforcement officers.

Since that time, I have seen the most genuine and generous outpouring of support from the community.

We have received food, fruit, flowers, cookies, coffee, cakes, pizza, pies, and pastries. Much of it homemade. And all of it donated. And it continues to this day.

Not to mention, all the displays of support in the shape of banners, blue ribbons, posters, signs, and cards. Mentions on social media. Even monetary donations and fundraisers for those who were injured to help pay for their hospital bills.

In my 36 years in law enforcement, I have never seen such a thing. But then, I just have to remind myself I live in San Luis Obispo County. We have good people who live here, caring people, compassionate people. And while we might not always agree on certain issues, we can agree that our pride in our community is second to none.

So, on behalf of all the law enforcement officers involved that tragic day, thank you for all the well wishes, words of encouragement and signs of support. You’ll never know how much it means to all of us. So take care everyone and thanks again for taking care of us.

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Sure,always good to support law and order.the issue is that they are different law and order depending on your skin color,accent,rich or poor.

This is a time for reflexion on how to make changes in police training.

This is a time to let people express their feelings and listen to them.

He has only put us under federal investigation, still ongoing I’d assume, for some of the highest deaths in a jail in the US next to Alabama. Never forget Andrew Holland. Thanks for nothing Parkinson. Appreciate the millions of lawsuits I’ve had to pay due to your negligence and deaths. Is that officer that shot that dog still on the job, you bet! He only makes over 200k a year, no big.

We have a great LEO in SLO county!

Sure, just ask Kevin Lee Strahl, Andrew Holland, Joseph Morillo, Rudy Silva, Josey Richard Meche, Timothy Richard Jancowicz, David Thomas Osborn, Sean Michael Alexander, Jordan Benjamin Turner, Nicole Luxor, Kevin Lee McLaughlin, Russell Lee Hammer.

Sure, that’s right, Parkinson and his cadre are surely heroes.

Thank you, let their names never be forgotten, whom died in a cell, under medical care of a tyrant and criminal like Parkinson. I hope the feds show mercy on him, as no one deserves Hollands death strapped naked in a chair for 48 hours dead of a blood clot/ embolism, a man in his 30s. God damn.

Now more than ever is a time to support law and order.

This is what I like about Sheriff Parkinson. This piece and any time i hear him speak publicly, he seems genuine and relatable. He just seems like a regular guy and I like that.