SLO County Supervisor Hill fails to attend most meetings

July 2, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill has repeatedly failed to show up to work, attend meetings, or respond to the media. Since March 1, Hill has failed to participate in 26 of the 33 board and committee meetings he was scheduled to attend.

In the immediate aftermath of the March 4 election, in which Hill initially trailed Stacy Korsgaden by 304 votes, he disappeared from the public eye. He was absent at election night parties, and he failed to attend board meetings of the Regional Transit Authority Board and SLO Council of Governments. Likewise, Hill was not communicating with members of the media.

During the days following the election, neither Hill nor his administrative assistant Nicole Nix came to the county offices, according to county officials.

By March 10, Hill had surged ahead of Korsgarden as absentee ballots were counted, and was favored to win the election. In the end, Hill won by 587 votes.

Hill not only showed up at the county building, he chaired the March 10 Board of Supervisors’ meeting.

A day later, on March 11, FBI agents served a search warrant on Hill’s home. At the same time, they raided his office at the county building.

Shortly after the last agent left Hill’s Shell Beach home, Hill attempted suicide. Emergency personnel transported Hill to a local hospital. He was released on March 12 after being placed on a psychiatric hold, according to county sources.

Following the March 11 raids, Hill again stopped attending county meetings.

In late March, county staff searched for Hill in an attempt to have him sign the county’s shelter-at-home-order, but they could not find him.

On March 30, Hill attributed his suicide attempt to the stresses of running for office, in a statement released to the media.

“In the weeks leading up to Election Day, I fell into a bad episode of depression, culminating in an attempt to end my life,” Hill wrote. “I’ll have more to say later, but right now my main focus is on restoring my health so I can return to the job I love.

“I cannot comment on pending confidential investigations by the FBI except to say that we are cooperating fully with their inquiries and will provide news when we can.”

Shortly afterwards, bowing to community pressure, Hill announced plans to relinquish his role as chairman because of health reasons. In the same email to county administrators, Hill said he planned to remain on the Board of Supervisors.

“Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I will utilize teleconferencing as my Crohn’s disease is an auto-immune illness and I’ve been advised to restrict my exposure,” Hill wrote in the email. “That said, I speak with my legislative assistant Nicole Nix frequently and know she is doing a superb job with our constituents and other matters.”

On May 5, Hill attended his first public meeting, through Zoom, since the FBI raid on his home and office.

The SLO County Board of Supervisors is responsible for establishing policy to guide the administrative functions of county departments, and serves as the governing body for many oversight boards and committees.

During the past four months, Hill has missed five Board of Supervisor meetings, and attended seven via Zoom. Currently, all county boards meet through teleconferencing because of the pandemic.

Also, during the past four months, Hill has failed to attend 21 meetings of agencies in which he represents county residents: the Air Pollution Control Board, the Economic Vitality Corporation, the Integrated Waste Management Authority, the Homeless Services Oversight Committee, the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments, and the Regional Transit Authority, while collecting his full salary.

Hill did not respond to questions about attending board meetings.

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The height of selfishness is for this emotionally disturbed official to occupy this office during a time requiring full engagement . It truly is an insult of the highest order for him to vacate his duties but continue to be on the payroll . The people in this county need to pay attention as there is a pattern of misconduct, abuse, and inaction within law enforcement, the courts and the rather idle city workforce that continues to accept full paychecks despite greatly reduced workloads. Increasing sales taxes or other revenue schemes likely to burden residents to cover imminent shortfalls is not acceptable ! Mrs. Harmon and the council need to pick up the pace and address the drain on the budget with so many non-essential people getting full pay when thousands are hurting from the drop in economic activity. This is the type of challenge that no one appears to be concerned with even as many job losses will go permanent over the next few months. We deserve so much more

and are watching a subpar failure in effort at the worst moment . Adam Hill should be recalled .

His personal problems should never be projected on the residents who foolishly coddle this prick.

Can’t disagree with your statement, yet don’t read where you take any responsibility. The words are ya ya ya ya ya but the course for action is a big fat zero. I certainly support civil resolve through our leadership so what are they doing? Ask what we can do to help?

He should be having a meeting with the FBI soon. Jeff Lee and John Shoals too.

On a kinder note for this independence day weekend: never forget that taking your first drink is a choice, discovering that you are an alcoholic may not be a choice. Some behaviors are like that and the consequences can be everybody’s responsibility. In those cases we may have to take ownership for the boundaries’ something to think about???? .

When poor little Adam goes on his Napoleonic rages, berating and bullying those that don’t agree with him, I’m not seeing drinking or boundaries being the issue!

Of course those behaviors work well for collecting bribes as well as gaining funds for reelection campaigns:(

Clearly Adam and county counsel Rita Neal haven’t figured out or completed his golden parachute exit yet, with his salary for life, be assured as soon as they do he’ll make his “medical disability” leave.

Adam Hill, R.I.P.

You’re done, pal. You’re just an empty suit collecting a paycheck that you neither earn nor deserve.

Dont forget his wife is trying to get his retirement. Losers for sure!

Hmmmm not sure who is worse, Adam or his wife, a person who stole gift cards meant for the homeless and made a business selling the homeless donated plastic utensils and personal toiletries.