Anti-Trump protesters injured in Sacramento

September 15, 2020


During a protest against President Donald Trump in Sacramento County on Tuesday, two activists left the demonstration in ambulances following separate incidents involving vehicles, one of which consisted of an activist falling off the top of a moving CHP patrol car.

While on a West Coast trip, Trump flew into Sacramento McClellan Airport. Both supporters of the president and anti-Trump protesters gathered Tuesday morning near the airport in the community of McClellan Park.

Confrontations between the two sides occurred, but initially, no violence broke out.

Anti-Trump protesters then marched through the streets of McClellan Park. During the march, at least three collisions between vehicles and protesters occurred.

First, a Volvo station wagon collided with demonstrators. A window of the Volvo was smashed, and one protester was taken away in an ambulance following the incident.

Then, a Ford pickup truck drove through a crowd of demonstrators in the middle of the street. Protesters kicked the truck and appeared to jump on the side or back of the vehicle. It is unclear whether anyone suffered injuries.

Later, a group of protesters surrounded a CHP cruiser in an intersection. One protester jumped on top of the hood of the CHP vehicle. He then crawled onto the roof of the car as the officer was beginning to drive away.

As the officer drove away, the protester fell off the vehicle, landed on the street and suffered injuries. An ambulance transported the injured protester to the hospital.

The extent of the protesters’ injuries is unclear.


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What’s the line from Forrest Gump…”stupid is as stupid does”

This would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous. Someone will be killed. Then the news cycle will create martyrs of simply stupid actions. No heroism here, just stupidity.

It appears that some people are very similar to lemmings, self inflicted population control.

Wish the elections drowns out this coverage

Just saying my newer spell check bothering me excuse grammaticals

This is nuts

More capitol hot off press news

Look carefully at the video. The guy pushed himself onto the hood of the CHP car. He then tried to stand up, which he was going to stomp on the hood or front windshield. Guess he thought the CHP would comply and let him and his a-hole comrades (yes this is what they call each other) destroy the vehicle and the officer inside. Well he bet wrong.

No mercy, compassion, or consideration for this fleabag. And to the girl yelling OMG over and over, what a joke. These punks don’t believe in God, just like the jerks in the first video who hate the government and are shouting to ban the police, they are the first to want police help when they get ran over by people that THEY caused the altercation.

Be careful who you provoke, because it might be someone that smashes you in the face. Not everyone will be scared and timid like the diners in Rochester last week did when those cowards starting spilling their drinks and harassing them to leave the restaurants they were eating at as they yelled “the party is over”.

It’s simple, no more FREE TIANNA, FREE ELIAS, replace with LOCK THEM UP, as well as anyone else who wants to bully, harass and disrupt people’s way of life.

48 hours after 2 cops in la are shot in their faces point blank these fools surround and jump on a police car. How can anyone who thinks their life matters do something that could end up costing it.

If you attack someone sitting in their vehicle you deserve what you get. People that stop and try to reason with “Protesters” get dragged from their cars and beaten. No one should stop for these idiots ever.

No sympathy here.

I hope this idiot is on his parents insurance so they get the bill for the ambulance and not the taxpayers.