Protesters marched through SLO, seeking revolution

October 30, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian


Approximately 100 protesters marched through San Luis Obispo on Thursday evening to promote their demands which include dropping charges for protesters, abolishing the police and prison system, free internet, free transportation and a wealth tax.

Photo by Richard Bastian

The protest was organized by Abolitionist Action Central Coast/SLO, a group comprised primarily of Cal Poly students. The protesters marched through the downtown area, then stopped in the intersection of Hiquera and Osos streets, where they blocked traffic for approximately 15 minutes.

Photo by Richard Bastian

The students then marched to the courthouse where they performed a skit about past revolutions, and the need for violence in some situations.

Photo by Richard Bastian


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As a lifelong Democrat I believe these kids need a little more life experience before they try to decide what’s best for everyone. Please realize they do not represent 99% of the Biden voters and do more harm than good for the cause of bettering this country.

Thank you for that Cathy. I agree.

Lol I think more than 1% of biden voters are at least this out of touch

Will you all be leaving when Harmon loses her reelection bid? I certainly hope that’s the case!

I really have to laugh at the absolute amorality and imbecility of these people –

“promote their demands which include dropping charges for protesters, abolishing the police and prison system, free internet, free transportation and a wealth tax.”.

If they achieve what they want (no criminal charges, abolish police, abolish prison system, free internet, free transportation) there will be no wealth tax, because there will be no wealth to tax.

Any person who has half a brain will be gone from this country faster than you can say “would the last person out the door please shut the lights. Oh Sorry, I forgot there are no lights”

Or if there is no prison system or law enforcement, why not just become a tax evader…

Ho, hum. The protests, demonstrations, unrealistic demands, blocking traffic, has become so routine it’s just not news anymore.

Did I miss on the list of demands, where they want Mom to clean their rooms, and an increase of their allowance to $5 a week? ‘Cuz I’m pretty sure that would make everything all better….

Free Internet – now you’re talking!!

BTW, Black Trans Lives Matter? – very specific – is that a new subset? I would have thought saying Black Lives Matter would cover it.

Do the crime, do the time.

If not, expect Philadelphia and LA type looting & mayhem.

I thought Halloween was this Saturday.

Biden Voters on the March.

It’s fabulous to see who the left is and what they want and believe right before an election.

I’m surprised not hear that Mayor Harmon was out in front leading the March.

Will SLO Voters side with the Mob or the Rational people on Tuesday?

Stay tuned because as sure as I like Tacos, these folks will Riot if El Trumpo is Relected on Tuesday.

Rich in Morro Bay

Not to worry. Trump won’t be reelected. He lied. Where are the prescription drugs that cost less than one percent of our cost in Canada or Mexico? If discovered today, aspirin would be by prescription and cost thousands of dollars a month.

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