Protesters marched through SLO, seeking revolution

October 30, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian


Approximately 100 protesters marched through San Luis Obispo on Thursday evening to promote their demands which include dropping charges for protesters, abolishing the police and prison system, free internet, free transportation and a wealth tax.

Photo by Richard Bastian

The protest was organized by Abolitionist Action Central Coast/SLO, a group comprised primarily of Cal Poly students. The protesters marched through the downtown area, then stopped in the intersection of Hiquera and Osos streets, where they blocked traffic for approximately 15 minutes.

Photo by Richard Bastian

The students then marched to the courthouse where they performed a skit about past revolutions, and the need for violence in some situations.

Photo by Richard Bastian


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A white girl with blue hair with a sign that says “Black Trans Lives Matter.” 2020 has had many moments that have made me feel I am living in an alternate universe.This is one of them.

Be careful what you wish for. Most of you would get your asses kicked.

And to think that some people want to lower the voting age to 16. I think it ought to raised to 21.

I’ll see your 21, and raise it to 31.

A generation of dummies. No sense, no brains but tons of misdirected emotion.

On 9/2/20 a motorcyclist brushed against a BLM protestor standing in the street and yet a protestor called the police. The man was later charged with reckless driving. Unless they are hypocrites, BLM should protest the police and hold rallies to urge the DA to drop charges on the motorcyclist, because BLM prefer not to have police involvement.

Not a “revolution” to end homelessness, stop human trafficking, end drug addiction, end ocean pollution, etc….. no, It’s “defund cops” so they can’t get no-no’d, and give us a bunch of free stuff or we’ll take it anyway when the cops are gone. Oh, and then tell us some specific people group’s life matters, like we didn’t already know that. Arrogant, entitled, self absorbed. But hey, a lot of us have embarrassing moments in our youth. Pray these kids have their eyes opened sooner rather than later. This “revolution” path they are on is not the yellow brick road, and the marxist wizard behind the curtain is not really their friend.

I always see ads for tuttle twins books on fb with pictures like these kids that say “don’t let your kids turn out like this!”

Looked more like 35 people than 100+.

SLO BLM is losing a lot of their momentum. Look at the event from the courthouse last Thursday. They had a fraction of the attendance then the September event and it is dwindling down to a few clowns left over.

They’ll scream and yell some more next week when things don’t go their way, but eventually they will flutter away, like lent from a pocket, or a bottle cap.

While people sleep in the cold and are sick too, this protest subject is getting very old.

Hey, what’s wrong with them- they forgot to “demand” free crayons, coloring books, diapers and strawberry lollipops.