SLO Mayor Harmon’s rhetoric is dangerous and divisive

October 19, 2020

District Attorney Dan Dow


It has come to my attention that a local incumbent mayoral candidate pulled a political campaign stunt over the weekend by using my name and office to make preposterous false allegations. The San Luis Obispo mayoral candidate’s campaign stunt, intended to help her political fundraising, was untruthful as it intentionally misstated facts and fabricated allegations for political purposes.

I am proud of the tireless work of my office to protect the people of our county through aggressive and fair prosecution of crime and protecting the rights of crime victims.

It is the duty of the district attorney’s office to thoroughly review every investigation to determine if the evidence proves that a crime was committed. We perform that duty every day without regard to individual characteristics such as race, color, religion, sex, national origin or political viewpoint.

Mayor Heidi Harmon

The mayoral candidate’s dangerous and divisive rhetoric seeks to stir more unrest rather than promote peace and healing in our community.

I will never compromise the integrity of this office by using race or public opinion to decide whether or not to file a criminal charge. My decisions will always be based on the evidence and the law.”

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Heidi is just chumming the waters, she has higher aspirations than this alleged racist burg; or else it’s back to house cleaning

What’s she going to do? Katcho beat her like a drum when she ran against him for State Assembly in 2014, and that was before she was tainted as she is today.

She also doesn’t have the chops/education to be some high level staffer. She just needs to get the hell out of San Luis Obispo County.

There’s a rumor floating around that Harmon has said if she loses this race, she’ll move to Oakland and become immersed in the community as an activist. All I can add is don’t let the gate hit you in the ass as you hit the 101 N…

If the 101 isn’t blocked…

Not sure why he even replies to that nonsense. He seems to be almost as much of a narcissist as the mayor. I always thought Tim Covello was the better candidate back in 2014.

Because the truth must be told

Agreed, same person as the Mayor. Through a different lense. Another good ol boy, like Harmon. They dont see color, unless its Greenbacks.

Completely agree. Unfortunately the Tea Party in SLO county stays loyal to their people regardless of poor work ethic. Luckily Covello won the vote for Judge, which is really a much more respected position. Even more so once you hear about Dow’s work ethic. These 5 paragraphs we’re likely spent during hours paid by the tax payers of SLO county.

Holding my opinion to see how judge Covello handles the SLO PD fiasco with Chief Cantrell’s gun …and the subsequent cover-up…

I supported Covello, and still do, but based on the very limited information out there I have some concerns. Interested to see what happens.

The DA is full of it. I was a crime victim and received less than no help from his office.

Yeah, i feel Dow, anything coming from you, a man I feel that’s a fox in a hen house dressed as a hen, is full of Sh*t. You’ve been complacent on crime relative to your feelings to it, or let the Feds handle it. Be it Cantrell, the sherriff, local corruption, Wallace, etc. Your a good ol boy for sure, a money man. You see no race, just green and greed. You speak at partison Nationalist events, yes, Nationalism internationally is a threat of terror, talk of religion, denounce the idea of racism being alive and well when Right Wing Christian White Supremacy Nationalism is our childrens and nations biggest terrorist threat to life and democracy, have partison views, that conflict with your supposed unbiased job. Retire, with your 6 figure pension for life, please. Patsy, a Patsy I feel. For the Blood Dollar. You were just speaking with Debbie at a crazy ass secession dipshit “Rally”, just like the KKK has rallies, with crazy ol Debbie Arnold, what a nut job, what’s next, reinstitute slavery to make America great again? Segragation? As a Veteran whom served to uphold the constitution, wtf are you doing with Money, fame and God skewing your role as a Servant, for me!

Christians do not believe in white supremacy…go to church, you might learn something. The FBI, more specifically Wray, did not state that “right-Wing.” “Christians,” or “nationalists” were the #1 threat to US national security. He stated that domestic terrorism is the #1 threat..which includes white supremacists, but also includes Antifa, and many other radical groups…all of which are evil, and should not be tolerated. However, you don’t care about facts, you only care about your point of view…and will take anything out of context, or twist it to fit your delusional view of how you think things are and/or should be. I get that you are an atheist, I can respect that…but we don’t all have to be atheists like you! Our country was founded on religious freedom, it wasn’t founded on racism and it will never be socialist, fascist, or communist….get over it and deal with it…or you can move to Denmark or Estonia! BTW, neither of those countries comes close to our GDP….just another example of the misinformation you readily absorb from whatever source you rely on!

I’m starting to respect Dan Dow a little more as time goes on:)

He has very delicately threaded the needle with this whole protester thing, charged misdemeanors when appropriate(and not create martyrs), and felonies when he should, not bad overall:)

Dan, I can’t wait for the ACLU and the state AG’s office to take a newfound interest in you. Enforcing only the laws you want. Stretching laws to prosecute people you consider enemies or who are threatening your tyrannical behavior. This behavior is disgusting, immoral, and illegal. Local citizens are currently working on recalling you. You are clearly not capable of doing your job. You now only use your position to make political statements. Move to southern Oregon and work on creating your white supremacist state of Jefferson you so dearly yearn for.

You’re done, Harmon…

It would be greatly appreciated if you moved well away from San Luis Obispo County after you lose the coming election…

Mr. Dan Dow just hit another home run!

So proud of our district attorney Dan Dow. Her rambling junior high sounding rant was stupid and how sweet our D.A.’s words were as they sliced and diced through her letter finally arriving at her ONLY motive………VOTES and DIVISIVENESS in her own community.

Again proving my white life doesn’t matter in the least to the mayor!

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