SLO Mayor Harmon’s rhetoric is dangerous and divisive

October 19, 2020

District Attorney Dan Dow


It has come to my attention that a local incumbent mayoral candidate pulled a political campaign stunt over the weekend by using my name and office to make preposterous false allegations. The San Luis Obispo mayoral candidate’s campaign stunt, intended to help her political fundraising, was untruthful as it intentionally misstated facts and fabricated allegations for political purposes.

I am proud of the tireless work of my office to protect the people of our county through aggressive and fair prosecution of crime and protecting the rights of crime victims.

It is the duty of the district attorney’s office to thoroughly review every investigation to determine if the evidence proves that a crime was committed. We perform that duty every day without regard to individual characteristics such as race, color, religion, sex, national origin or political viewpoint.

Mayor Heidi Harmon

The mayoral candidate’s dangerous and divisive rhetoric seeks to stir more unrest rather than promote peace and healing in our community.

I will never compromise the integrity of this office by using race or public opinion to decide whether or not to file a criminal charge. My decisions will always be based on the evidence and the law.”

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Heidi Harmon is the worst mayor in world history. Harmon said she was considering a run for Congress, probably envisioned herself as part of the squad with Ocasio Cortez and Omar. What a total joke Heidi Harmon is, along with the extreme liberal, ignorant people who elected her. Harmon and all of these extreme liberal newcomers think they can come over here and push their perverted agenda, and take over, hell no. What a tremendous contrast between Harmon and the great days of previous Mayors like Lynn Cooper and Dave Romero. It’s gonna be great when Sweeney replaces Harmon.

Seems she is targeting the Cal Poly Kids vote right? Maybe she IS smart enough to realize everyone else has seen her wacky ways, and she no longer has a chance with the substainable buisiness people. ie the adults with money!

It would be nice if SLO had a mayor who would stand and fight for the long term residents of the city instead of these kids who aren’t even from here!

Thank you for your service Sir. Dan Dow is the best, most fair DA in America, without question. Last I heard Dow is also active in the Army National Guard, a Colonel. Show me any other DA in America who fights for their county and also fights in combat zones overseas when he gets deployed. Dan Dow is awesome and SLO County is very blessed to have a DA as great as he is. Colonel Dow is like a combination beween Matlock & Rambo.

Being divisive is when you tell me to stop doing the bad and dumb thing I’m doing. Divisiveness is bad because it means that people might not ignore the bad and dumb thing that I’m doing.

Like it or not, let’s not overlook the obvious here.

Someone……. somewhere between these two-

there is a public servant that we all can respect.

Hopefully we’ll find/elect/appoint that person soon.

The division is getting too much to handle.

Thanks Mr. Dow. Your absolutely on point.

Join the middle. Not voting for Heidi, and am proud to say I have never voted for Dow. His work ethic shows his laziness has taken advantage of our tax dollars as he grooms similar non productive political focused attorneys from our county (I think he had a jingle on the radio). Respectfully I ask people to ignore party lines and look to those with a STRONG work ethic who don’t only just show face at a union meeting to get your vote, but dig a little deeper.

Heidi Harmon is without a doubt the worst mayor our town has ever seen. Everyone needs to do everything they can to make sure she loses the upcoming election!


He should have gone a little further in point by point just eviscerating her hollow arguments that didn’t connect at all. For example, her nonsense of claiming they’re kept away from their families, stuff like that. The fact she considers him “a political opponent” is so misguided and narcissistic. You’re not on that level at all Ms Harmon.