Thousand cruise through SLO County in support of Trump

October 31, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian


More than 1,000 vehicles cruised from Paso Robles to Santa Maria on Saturday in support of President Donald Trump.

Photo by Richard Bastian

At 9:30 a.m., Trump supporters met off Highway 46 in Paso Robles for a rally at Barney Schwartz Park. Donning American, don’t tread on me, or Trump 2020 flags the parade headed south on Highway 101.

Photo by Richard Bastian

The vehicles cruised through Paso Robles, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Arroyo Grande and Santa Maria.

While some honked and gave a thumbs up, others gave a thumbs down or the finger. Supporters also hung flags from overpasses along Highway 101.

Photo by Richard Bastian

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It was an absolute thing of beauty. I even welled up a little in these old eyes of mine. Thank you all who participated!

May God continue to bless America.

It was a great sight to see. As I drove north on Hwy 101 in SLO yesterday after leaving work, the traffic going south was backed up almost to the grade with all of the vehicles flying American flags and more. It appeared they were all exciting to go through SLO City. I bet all those “freedom hater students” at Cal(Fascist)Poly didn’t like seeing that. Oh wait, it was around 1:30 pm, they were probably still in bed. None the less it was a beautiful sight.

Fascist trash

Clearly you don’t understand what fascism is

Nothing fascist about free speech and supporting your candidate unless you are a fascist.

Yes, you, indeed, truly are.

I think I saw a Comfederet flag. I am sick of these racists and be glad once Biden and Harris get in and we can make this kind of stuff illegal. This should only be allowed for things that are good, not terrorizing people.

That’s impossible, when I read the Tribune or LA Times, everybody hates Trump!!!

I was in Grover Beach this afternoon when they drove by and people were honking non stop, giving thumbs up. Others were actually coming out of the stores along Grand Ave and showing love.

There was about 3 people who gave thumbs down to the vehicles.

Time for people like Eyes Everywhere to go back to Portland. Take Harmon with you and her BLM cronies (all 35 of them from earlier this week).

Keep driving. Don’t stop until you hit Nevada.

That’s what jobs and income earners are doing…leaving California at record rates.

You’re right. Because no way can a conservative win this state of wackos. But Nevada is his to win.

Liberals are going to be so surprised by Wednesday.

Recent polling indicates otherwise. It looks like they will need to drive through Nevada to Utah.

Not to say Nevada is going to go red, but why would anyone refer to recent polling to form their argument….they have clearly been proven unreliable.

We will know in a few days if polling was correct. Maybe it is all a hoax.

It was a beautiful site! Saw the caravan on Highway 101 going through Templeton….Hopefully it went well going through the towns. People expressing their freedom and love of the America, our flag and our democracy!

Probably the only time these a-holes aren’t tailgating you at 75+ in long row of fast lane traffic and then passing and cutting you off and slamming on the brakes, and making you slam on the brakes in order for them to tailgate the vehicle you were maintaining a safe distance behind. These are the people who make me vote Democratic tho I don’t want to.

I’d say the vast majority drive like the “a-holes” you describe…surprisingly that habit seems to cross party lines! It is more of a CA habit…go drive in rural Midwest and you will see how impatient we are here in CA.

No, I know the people, the trucks, and the bumper stickers of these a-holes from daily experience, they’re almost all Trump rednecks.

So, it’s okay to use derogatory comments towards one race but not others. I see your “experience” has not brought tolerance with it. I’ve seen plenty of Biden & Sanders bumper stickers do the same, they’re easy to spot, usually a solo driver wearing a face mask in their car.

Yeah, because Democrats all drive like saints

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