Thousand cruise through SLO County in support of Trump

October 31, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian


More than 1,000 vehicles cruised from Paso Robles to Santa Maria on Saturday in support of President Donald Trump.

Photo by Richard Bastian

At 9:30 a.m., Trump supporters met off Highway 46 in Paso Robles for a rally at Barney Schwartz Park. Donning American, don’t tread on me, or Trump 2020 flags the parade headed south on Highway 101.

Photo by Richard Bastian

The vehicles cruised through Paso Robles, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Arroyo Grande and Santa Maria.

While some honked and gave a thumbs up, others gave a thumbs down or the finger. Supporters also hung flags from overpasses along Highway 101.

Photo by Richard Bastian

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1,000 vehicles!??? Ha, sounds like the event organizer relayed the count with a 10x multiplier — fake news even makes it to the Cal Coast sometimes.

Nothing like a good old fashioned parade of racist losers (confederates), pu$$y grabbers and self loathing welfare recipients to bring the best of our society out.

I’m pretty sure most of these people have never committed sexual assault, probably are not on welfare (considering the event was scheduled for a Saturday when most working people are off), did not fight in the civil war, nor ever even lived in the south!

I have never in my life seen this kind of support for any candidate to any office…..

Thank you to all participants. You truly are great Americans! I pray the celebration continues on November 3!

It’s amazing how many of you are so intimidated and/or offended by opposing views…and are quick to jump on the bandwagon of censoring and silencing views that challenge your beliefs. Free speech is free speech, unless of course you infringe upon others’ freedoms in the process, then it is free speech while violating the law (false imprisonment, assault, etc). Open your eyes and see what types of countries historically censor & silence their opposition…they are those with extreme left views (communism, socialism, fascism), those that used to be far left of American liberalism.

Same group of thugs who tried to run the Biden bus off the road almost manslaughter, then to have the Orange Spray tan Dictator egg them on, and also to egg on a race and civil war like Charlie Manson. Boy, conservatives and their religious cancel culture disrupting church and state and welfare. You say Antifa is real, well barely but these Psychos are real, real racist, and really hostile.

Hey Buddy, Antifa isnt a terrorist org via USA Gov, Christian Right Wing Nationalists are, so, who’s delusional buddy, or brainwashed by TV? And who is a terrorist group starting a race War, the Right Wing Radicalists! And who endorses them, Trump!!! And who is the biggest threat to Democracy currently via Gerrymandering, voter suppression, ballot rigging, mass shooting of Children, you guessed it, Republicans! Who hates poor people in suburbs, Republicans!! What group lacks College and world data, Republicans! Who has killed, murdered more americans than any with a race agenda, You guessed it, Right wing Radicals. I dont see Biden encouraging violence, and since when is Hating Facists a bad thing? Are you Racist?

KR, if you think Antifa is barely real, you might want to check out what the NYC Antifa did today in Manhattan…yelling “the only good cop is a dead cop,” and “hope all your children get raped and killed.” These statements are not taken out of context, they are not subtle, nor are they unverified (the unedited video is widely available). Doesn’t seem like they’re barely there to me…and seems like the horrific things they wish upon others fly in the face of civility, peace, love, tolerance, and humanity.

Piss in the wind, all it is piss in the wind

You forgot to mention all the 3 Percenter flags being displayed by cars in that parade. You know; the flags meant to look like our flag, but are tweaked.. Flying an altered American flag is not particularly patriotic. One could say it is subversive.

If they believed in what our flag stands for they wouldn’t need to create an alternative symbol to display. Our flag suffices.

I saw the entire caravan, not one flag for which you describe.

Nice try at trying to dilute this message of pride and unity.

There were people coming out of stores giving thumbs up and cheering, horns honking, etc.

I’m sorry that bicycle Biden who rides around pismo and slo gets not applause and mostly middle fingers is not getting the love you need.

Maybe in 2024 things will look better for you.

Yeah not a lot of UN flag waving happening. Don’t you know leftists prefer; Gay Pride Flags, Greenpeace Flags, BLM flags.

None of which co-opt the US flag as does the 3 Percenter flag. That is the problem I have with their flag.

Honk if you’re racist.

I am not sure what that means any more. That word has been used to describe everything. The value has been diluted to nearly nothing.

The DHS seems to take Racism seriously. As in, White Christian Right Wing Extremism Nationalism poses the biggest terrorist threat and loss of life in the developed world. So does the FBI, CIA, and NSA. Maybe get your eyes checked out so you can read the news.

You must still be watching CNN if you still believe that talking point. You should dive into what the FBI bulletin and comments by Wray actually stated, but again, you don’t want to believe the truth.

Your dramatic word salad helps make my point. I am still coping with my fear of greenhouse effect global warming climate change carbon dioxide carbon footprint emissions.

March, intimidate, & harass others if you’re truly intolerant

Oh, man, Civil Rights is intolerant? To who, White Radical Right Wing Christian’s like the KKK, with no college education? Yep, that’s who says the DHS and FBI and NSA and CIA

Violating the law and other peoples’ freedoms certainly is intolerance…one right doesn’t outweigh another. Not sure what planet you live on, but the KKK was essentially eliminated decades ago and a small faction does currently exist “underground,” but they certainly have no influence in politics, or society for that matter. They are not Christians, they are fringe wackos just like Antifa,

The KKK are Christian Repiblicans. Sorry. And yes, they influence politics, and no, they are not Fringe.

I’m sure you know, but don’t want to admit, the intimidation and harassment parts are the intolerance…not marching for civil rights (which is protected free speech). Clearly you should know this since you’re a self-proclaimed college educated elitist, based on your comments.

Hostile hateful radicalism is on both sides dude, I dont deny it.

The parade of ignorance

Well, bud, you seem to be at the head of that parade of which you speak.