Thousand cruise through SLO County in support of Trump

October 31, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian


More than 1,000 vehicles cruised from Paso Robles to Santa Maria on Saturday in support of President Donald Trump.

Photo by Richard Bastian

At 9:30 a.m., Trump supporters met off Highway 46 in Paso Robles for a rally at Barney Schwartz Park. Donning American, don’t tread on me, or Trump 2020 flags the parade headed south on Highway 101.

Photo by Richard Bastian

The vehicles cruised through Paso Robles, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Arroyo Grande and Santa Maria.

While some honked and gave a thumbs up, others gave a thumbs down or the finger. Supporters also hung flags from overpasses along Highway 101.

Photo by Richard Bastian

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I think they should outlaw freedom of speech, private firearm ownership, and also freedom of religion. Citizens of Nazi Germany seemed to do well under such circumstances.

The U.S. GDP just had one of it’s best quarters in the history of…EVER, despite California and NY still being closed up, hundreds of thousands more people heading back to work, and half the comments over a convoy/flag rally are that these neighbors of ours are intimidating-racist-fuel burning-traffic blockers. M’kay.

You’re going to have to do better than that.

They can’t, that’s all they have…name calling, mud slinging, distorted facts, and repeating out of context “quotes.”

Trump supporters are like sheep being led off of a cliff in the name of hate, division and bigotry.

We all know who the sheep are…it’s not the ones that throw rocks and insults at the police (in the name of social justice), then cowardly run away. Speaking of “hate, division, and bigotry,” that sounds exactly like what Antifa (and some BLM organizations) have successfully accomplished!

What policies has Trump enacted that promote hate, division, and bigotry?

Failure to denounce white supremacists on multiple occasions for starters.

The modern day Klu Klux Klan. Instead of wearing hoods they use flags. Instead of ridding horses, they drive trucks. All designed to intimidate. Praise Jesus. that’s the way he’d do it.

Yes indeed!

Frank, we are all ignorant in many things, but it is weak and manipulative to allow this unfortunate human tendency to form the foundation of an argument.

Wetpeople,enough weeping over prose. These folks are supporting textbook white nationalism. Um, Germany late 30s to early 40s?

Wildrnes- How? HOW is a convoy of vehicles waving American flags supporting “textbook white nationalism”?

The KKK was created by southern democrats. The same party today that tells African Americans that they “ain’t black” if they do not vote Biden. And Chelsey Handler “had to remind” 50 Cent that he’s black and can’t endorse Trump, much like the southern democrats were “reminding” African Americans that they were black so they could not sit there or use that drinking fountain.

Trump has repeatedly denounced white supremacy, meanwhile Richard Spencer (White supremacist famous for Charlottesville) has endorsed Biden. And Biden is the one who eulogized Robert Byrd.

The modern day KKK is still wearing hoods and burning down black owned businesses and minority churches; they’ve joined the marxists and anarcharists in the streets rioting.

That’s an inconvenient truth they choose to overlook.

Trump sucks, an inconvenient truth you choose to overlook.

Cool fun facts! Wow, southern dems created the kkk?! Trump denounced white supremacy?! Wow, none of that shit matters because his actions and present party prove otherwise.

Wildrnes- Look it up. Seriously. Read something, YouTube it, BEFORE calling thousands of your neighbor’s white supremacists and Nazi’s. And you wonder why no one can actually argue policy…

Wait…Frank- did you just say displaying an American and driving a truck is in lieu of wearing a KKK hood?

In other parts of the country, Trump vehicles have halted traffic completely. Cars or bodies are means to the same end. And lawless.

Typical American losers who hang on desperately to the past instead of planning for the future and progressing positively. At the same time showing flagrant disregard for our environment, as it is irresponsible to be burning fossil fuel for unimportant and selfish purposes. Post signs in your yards, not burning up gas on our highways. Such folks are part of America’s problems, not the desperately needed solutions. Sad state, and the reason, for our nation’s steady decline over the past 4 years.

Post signs and flags so the highly “responsible” opposition can steal them and vandalize your property! “Burning fossil fuel for unimportant and selfish purposes,” that’s hilarious…quite the slippery slope, considering Al Gore and many of the “climate change” activists are some of the biggest violators of our environment…oh wait, they are carbon neutral after buying so-called “offsets” ….which is a complete fraud.

You must also think irresponsible for anyone to drive to an area they dont live in to riot. I mean protest.

They need to be productive and get lives. Probably on welfare and unemployment.

You mean the rioters/protesters??

So the record unemployment for all minority groups, record economy, peace progressing in the middle east, pulling troops home, less off welfare, more people buying homes than ever and we’ve been…declining in the last 4 years? Sounds like you didn’t get the free stuff you wanted everyone else to pay for.

Wait a minute, I thought blocking traffic was bad? Are you telling me that everyone who made that comment about SLO protestors was lying? That they just needed some other reason to justify their opposition to anti-racist protests?

“The vehicles cruised through Paso Robles, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Arroyo Grande and Santa Maria.”

They didn’t stop OR block the 101. Nor did they smash windows. CMON MAN LOL

It is bad had they clocked traffic. But they didn’t block traffic. I bet they slowed some down, I’ll bite, but there’s no report of them shutting down streets and not allowing people to pass.(nor banging on their vehicles with an upside American flag, nor hitting them with skateboards, having a seat ON the 101, but that another video)

Trump supporters block major New Jersey highway ahead of 2020 election. ‘We shut it down, baby! We shut it down!’ man shouts in video of vehicle blockade : politics – Reddit

Prosecute them all!! ….would be the response of those on this site who are consistent in their beliefs. Stopping traffic on highways for political gain is bad, right?

Agreed, anyone who is dumb enough to willfully break the law should have charges filed on them accordingly. Not sure what your point is, 2 wrongs never make a right….except maybe in Common Core.

Consistency matters is the point. Just checking to see if those previously calling for BLM protester prosecution would be doing the same here. The negative down votes indicate that it is a no. ;-)

Yes consistency matters, many that share your views (and maybe even you, I don’t recall), were demanding that the DA not file charges against Arata and her accomplices (for much worse). The negative down votes might just be due to the fact that a Trump Rally in NJ has very little to do with a conversation about a Trump Rally in SLO. Unless of course, you want to stereotype and say that all Trump supporters are “racist,” “old,” “ugly,” “rednecks, etc… like several others on here have done.

I agree with you Yan. That’s not the way to get a point across. Not by those folks in Jersey, not by Arata, anyone.

It was truly a beautiful sight!

Nothing beautiful about old angry and ugly people.

From the pics in the article it looks like work trucks, fairly well kept vehicles, and people who probably pay their own cell phone bills. There wasn’t any mention of completely blocking traffic or bashing out the windows of innocent and random motorists.

Trucks and cell phones can be bought with welfare checks and other government handouts. They obviously have nothing else going on in their lives but slowing traffic and polluting the air.

I don’t think you have priced trucks lately. You are not buying one with a welfare check…