Is the SLO Tribune attempting to take advantage of a national tragedy?

January 9, 2021

Statement by the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County

The Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County joins with all people of goodwill, ordinary citizens and public officials alike, in deploring Wednesday’s U.S. Capitol attack, the break-in and destruction of public property, the violence, the injuries to law enforcement officers and the tragic loss of life.

The Capitol is the seat and symbol of our self-governing Republic. We honor our Nation’s sacred constitutional legacy of the rights of speech and assembly. However, breaking into the Capitol and fomenting damage and destruction is not exercise of speech or assembly.

Our freedoms are not a license to break the very laws that make these freedoms possible.

We respect and support the processes of self-government set forth in our Constitution and laws, as passed down from our Nation’s founders and defended by the life and blood of citizens and soldiers alike, for more than 230 years, during wars and peacetime.

The 2020 Electoral College vote having been resolved, an orderly transition of power must and will take place. The assault on that process by the brief takeover of the Capitol was repelled and order was restored in short order. However, we must remain vigilant to protect both the right to vote, and the integrity of the vote, which is the basis for all representative government.

The curtain has not fallen on the need for a careful, thorough investigation of all legitimate questions concerning the integrity of this election. These concerns have not been conclusively resolved in the short period from Nov. 3, 2020 to the present.

Such investigations by the states can sort truth from falsity and provide citizens with the kind of honest, transparent information needed to allay their concerns about the integrity of this election. This is also the best and most prudent way for each state to evaluate its election processes and to consider changes to better ensure that election integrity is maintained or restored.

Unfortunately, the San Luis Obispo Tribune, reflecting its McClatchy corporate parent’s outrageous left wing attacks on California Republicans, has blatantly attempted to take partisan advantage of this national tragedy. It has called out local Republicans for their exercise of free speech about the election, and has engaged in “cancel culture” (public shaming) locally to suppress our activity.

The Tribune’s campaign to shame and suppress in order to sell newspapers sadly reflects the national media’s shameful, decades-long and self-serving effort to inflame the public. This does not contribute to the healing of the nation’s wounds.

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There is no evidence ANTIFA was involved in the DC riot.

There goes that deflection. Time to change your party affiliation Republicans.

Taking “partisan advantage of this national tragedy”. THAT is what I was accused of way back on March 14, 2019 when commenting on CCN’s FIRST article concerning COVID. I was warning the community, and heavily criticizing of the incompetence of Trump’s handling of COVID. A whole article was written by Rene Bravo, District 2 member of the SLO Republican Central Committee on how now is not the time to politicize a tragedy.

Wrong then, wrong now.

It is precisely the time to discuss this. The Trump faction of the GOP needs to see itself for what it is violent, seditious, conspiracy oriented with win at all costs politics.

I saw what happen during the Vietnam protests when they turned violent, rebellious, the hammer of the state. The FBI, DHS and Justice Department are coming. big time.

Wow. I didn’t know the Tribune still existed. Don’t waste your opinions on them or give them any acknowledgement. There is no longer a “media” of any kind. Nothing more than bloviating idiots across the board including every local print, TV, and radio in the area. There is no credibility by any of them. They talk out of both sides of their mouth while claiming to be “fair and balanced” or “home town”.

but what will I use to wrap my fish and line my birdcage?

Use your maga hat.

The “NEW TIMES”. It works really well, and it’s free. Been using it for years. Make sure you put “The Shredder” page as the top layer so it gets the full effect.

It has called out local Republicans for their exercise of free speech about the election

Free speech is the ability of the press to freely criticize our elected officials who work for us. Nobody is stopping these politicians from saying whatever they want, but they should also know the press and the public scrutinize whatever they say and if the politicians say things that don’t reflect the values of the constituency they serve they will be held accountable by the people.

and has engaged in “cancel culture” (public shaming) locally to suppress our activity.

Criticism is not suppression. The free press calling for voters to hold their elected officials accountable is not suppression.

This is a statement from the ruling republican party attacking the press is shameful. Ruling political parties attacking the rights of the press to print whatever they want is what happens in places like socialist Venezuela and Nazi Germany.

The Republicans should absolutely be allowed to call for an investigation into the election if they want, but the attack on the press here and the gross misrepresentation of the constitutional rights of the people is shameful and unamerican.

Sorry about the sedition and all. We really are people of goodwill. Don’t mind the racists with zip ties among us hunting for elected representatives. We really just wanted to give them a piece of our mind as the President instructed to do—not hang them on the gallows erected out front.

We respect the constitution so much we thought a riot in Constitution hall would be the best way to show how much we love it. Asking the VP to take liberties not afforded to him in the constitution, and disenfranchising millions, is how we demonstrate our respect for the process of self-government. Chanting for his death when he falls short was just for levity from the passionate crowd of self-government patriots. It isn’t a reflection of the disdain for our system of self government that liberal partisans would have you believe. Far from it.

It is shameful how the MSM reported on the 62 court cases that failed to produce evidence of the fraud we all know occurred. Their incessant need relay such information only causes confusion. What happened earlier this week was not a seditious attempt to impede a legitimate government function as had been reported. It was merely a gathering a passionate Republican patriots asking for remedies not found in our constitution. The elected representatives would have understood this distinction once they had it explained to them zip tied to a chair at the show trial.

Healing can’t occur unless we pretend this event did not happen. It is a shame the MSM media won’t allow that to occur laying the blame at the foot of our President and the Republican Party by reporting our culpability.

LOL excellent

I haven’t seen one Republican defending these rioters, unlike the Democrats, who all year defended the rioters and looters running around Portland and Seattle. Kamala even did her best to bail out the few that were caught.

It is hard to see when your collective heads are in the sand I guess.

“Almost half of Republicans support rioters who stormed the US Capitol building on Wednesday, a new poll claims.Among Republicans who responded to the survey carried out by YouGov, some 45 per cent said they supported the rioters who scaled walls, overcame Capitol police, stormed Congress, smashed windows, and planted explosives.”

While some of the activity during the summer may be repugnant it was not SEDITION.

The day of reporters reporting the unvarnished facts is rare, nowadays reporters want to be commentators on the news. Many of these news sources want to convince you to think as they do, which usually comes from someone in the news business without much life experience outside of 4 years of indoctrination at some college.

Lol… you make a good point about the news. But, most people hear or say this and only think of the other side. Most people also think opinions and bias that that they agree with as fact and facts that oppose their views as bias or opinion.

Probably one of the biggest differences between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans will condemn it’s fringe while the Democrats will not. I.E. the Portland/Seattle/Milwaukee/Minneapolis/etc/etc/etc Riots of BLM and ANTIFA.

I would condemn a faction too, if it took over where I work, while wanted to zip tie my hands and hang me … or worse.

BTW, who cares what they condemn? It’s prison time.

Not so sure BLM started the Minneapolis riots or white supremacist provocateurs.

Um, your republican president refused to condemn a fringe ultra-right white supremacist hate group on national television and instead told them to “stand by”. So much for that “fringe condemning” you were talking about.

Biden, on the other hand, has spoken out against BLM violence multiple times. Just to pick the first one you mentioned, Portland, he said “The deadly violence we saw overnight in Portland is unacceptable. It is not a peaceful protest when you go out spoiling for a fight.”

The Trib is an absolute joke. An embarrassment to the local community and to journalism. Editor Joe Tarcia and his gang of digital thugs are horribly skewed, extremist lefties.

Don’t get me wrong — it would be just as bad if the Trib was horribly skewed to the right, but it’s not. It’s nothing more than extremist left-wing propaganda machine. This is why the Trib is actually conducting a fundraiser (!) to remain in business! Yow!

What I don’t understand is why the Trib’s owners allow this malarkey to continue? Not from a idealistic/journalistic standpoint, but simply from a business standpoint? As a small city paper, if the Trib provided a BALANCED view — particularly of LOCAL news as it did in the past, it would be doing a whole lot better from a business standpoint.

So pox on you, Tarcia, and your elders who have screwed up what was once a fairly good local newspaper!

I agree with Buchon and I am a subscriber. A more balance Tribune would be better as would be a more balanced CCN and KPRL. Wider diversity of opinion.

Going to amend that, a more balance Tribune would be better as would be a more balanced CCN and KPRL. Wider diversity of opinion.

Currently, CCN and KPRL ARE the balance. They represent what? Maybe 20% of all available local news sources? While 80% of the locally based news and journalism sources provide us with a left to extreme left spin on their stories, these two news providers provide the differing opinion. I actually find CCN to be the most “balanced” news source available in SLO County. Many fault them for being far-right extremist merely because they dare to offer an opposing view. But in reality, while they tip a little right, I’ve seen them be very fair to both sides in a significant number of stories published.

TRIBUNE – what is that, are they still in business. I recall the day that the Telegram-Tribune was the voice of the community. The last I heard they no longer have a physical presence and they are all working from home. Telegram-Tribune news stands were everywhere, now they are nowhere. The day after the Tribune puts out their last edition no one will notice.

Hello, Mitch. Thanks for commenting. Yes, most folks who normally work in offices are now working from home because of the Covid-19 lockdown. And, of course, street sales have been nonexistent for most newspapers for many years now; I am surprised that you are surprised by that. I get the Trib six days a week, delivered, because I am old-fashioned and like to read a newspaper with my bacon and eggs. We are all free to subscribe or not, as we choose. Best wishes.

Me too, I like an old fashioned newspaper.

Two issues: working from home has nothing to do with Covid, it is because the economics of this failing enterprise required that they relinquish their physical location in SLO. And, two the Trib is so far to the left that it is in the bleachers: their reporting is an attempt at propaganda not news.