Is the SLO Tribune attempting to take advantage of a national tragedy?

January 9, 2021

Statement by the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County

The Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County joins with all people of goodwill, ordinary citizens and public officials alike, in deploring Wednesday’s U.S. Capitol attack, the break-in and destruction of public property, the violence, the injuries to law enforcement officers and the tragic loss of life.

The Capitol is the seat and symbol of our self-governing Republic. We honor our Nation’s sacred constitutional legacy of the rights of speech and assembly. However, breaking into the Capitol and fomenting damage and destruction is not exercise of speech or assembly.

Our freedoms are not a license to break the very laws that make these freedoms possible.

We respect and support the processes of self-government set forth in our Constitution and laws, as passed down from our Nation’s founders and defended by the life and blood of citizens and soldiers alike, for more than 230 years, during wars and peacetime.

The 2020 Electoral College vote having been resolved, an orderly transition of power must and will take place. The assault on that process by the brief takeover of the Capitol was repelled and order was restored in short order. However, we must remain vigilant to protect both the right to vote, and the integrity of the vote, which is the basis for all representative government.

The curtain has not fallen on the need for a careful, thorough investigation of all legitimate questions concerning the integrity of this election. These concerns have not been conclusively resolved in the short period from Nov. 3, 2020 to the present.

Such investigations by the states can sort truth from falsity and provide citizens with the kind of honest, transparent information needed to allay their concerns about the integrity of this election. This is also the best and most prudent way for each state to evaluate its election processes and to consider changes to better ensure that election integrity is maintained or restored.

Unfortunately, the San Luis Obispo Tribune, reflecting its McClatchy corporate parent’s outrageous left wing attacks on California Republicans, has blatantly attempted to take partisan advantage of this national tragedy. It has called out local Republicans for their exercise of free speech about the election, and has engaged in “cancel culture” (public shaming) locally to suppress our activity.

The Tribune’s campaign to shame and suppress in order to sell newspapers sadly reflects the national media’s shameful, decades-long and self-serving effort to inflame the public. This does not contribute to the healing of the nation’s wounds.

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Sadly, it is too late for the GOP. Look at the House Republican caucus. Two-thirds of House Republicans backed Trump’s scheme to defy the popular will and overturn the election. Members of the caucus spoke at the rally where the mob, that would raid the Capitol and kill officers, was incited. We don’t know if caucus member involvement goes further than this, YET. ‘Cancel culture’ ostracism, yeppers, that’s what you get.

What is too late for is America, the left burns and destroys what it sees as evil. And the right attacks what it sees as evil. This is not the blueprint for a healthy future. We are so divided we can never get back to unity.

Tribune editor Joe Tarica will respond to the county Republican Party on KVEC radio at 5:05 p.m. on Wednesday, January 13.

In my opinion, the people storming should be held for the death of the woman. As well as Trump for encouraging people to go there.

I agree, but if we do that we must also hold the summer rioters and looters accountable and the politicians who encouraged them. We are one country and we need one set of rules.

This press release is in hindsight (2020 vision cover our ass) for supporting trump every day the last 5 years. SLO gop supported trump and what the followers did with money, votes, airtime etc in 100%.

For those trying to claim an equivalence to the BLM demonstrations, bullshit.

“There is NO equivalence between the deadly insurrection last week and BLM protests. None. That’s a straight up lie spread by the terrorists and their sympathizers to try and downplay and excuse away a straight-up attack on the U.S. Capitol building in an attempted coup. If it had just been jackasses milling around waving their white supremacist flags and shouting lies about the election before going home, it would have been a protest. A stupid protest of stupid people based on stupid lies, but a protest none-the-less.

It stopped being a protest when they invaded the Capitol, killed five people and attempted to kill or take hostage the Vice President and lawmakers, and nobody should, in any context, be drawing an equivalence between the insurrection and any actual protests.”

This is Brian Sicknick a capitol police officer….

I Don’t see any Biden flags or antifa here, just red hats killing a policeman.

Oh but the SLo gop wants to whine about cancel culture, perhaps someone can find the lost laptop or her missing emails leading us to the swift boat with Melania’s birth certificate…cue Andy Caldwell mumbling about it’s not the gops fault, perhaps we can blame social media for enabling violence while at the same time decry it removing the same content. Enablers all.

Double plus good. /s

Wow. Still harping on having to “investigate” the “legitimate questions” regarding the election??? Hilarious. I stopped counting after 60+ court cases either lost or dismissed due to complete lack of evidence of any fraud whatsoever. In one instance I can think of, the vote was recounted 3 times. Still Biden won. By a few more votes as it turned out. And most of the judges in those cases were appointments of the team that they were declaring the losers. So, how likely is that a “fix”?

I remember not that long ago when the Dems lost and all the Trump supporters were carrying on for months about how they “own the libs” and that the libs were a “bunch of snowflakes” and carried signs ( they still do) that say “F#@% Your Feelings” and the like. Saying they were losers and should just “get over it”. And that was after the Democrat’s candidate carried the popular vote by over 3,000,000 votes.

So now, here we are and they are the “losers”. And how do they take it? Like the poor victimized babies who have had something “STOLEN” from them. Throwing a tantrum so big they feel entitled to storm the government, threaten to kill our elected representatives and try their best to abscond with the ballots to prevent the certification of the election.

Such interference, for those of you who don’t know, is technically SEDITION. Look it up. It is a grave charge and a very heavy punishment. This is not your run of the mill acting out in the streets, out of hand demonstration. This is an actual attempt to disrupt our government and break the peaceful transition of power, upon which our government is founded. As far as I am concerned, anyone whining about law and order and how patriotic they are who doesn’t see the difference between sympathizing with demonstrators who are tired of having their people killed in our streets and a group of armed seditionists who planned well in advance, target our representatives and attack our Capitol building, killing a Law Enforcement Officer by bludgeoning him in the head with a fire extinguisher and seriously wounding dozens more, well, that is the height of hypocrisy..

I watched some of the footage of these rioters who were assaulting and seriously injuring the LEOs and attempting to smash their way into the barricaded rooms where the congresspersons were huddled in terror on the floor while these people were screaming about killing them, as their internet sites discussed and encouraged. I have also seen footage of our current occupants of our White House, who were gleefully cheering these violent seditionists on as it unfolded in real time. No surprise since they had told them at their rally to “fight”. Is it really the job of a President of the United States to tell an angry mob who as been lied to so many times they have no idea which end is up that they must march to the Capitol and show “courage” (knowing some of these guys are armed) and present a “challenge by combat” to our government to keep a seditionist in office after he lost an election?

As for those who challenged that vote, quite a few of them gained their seats in that same election, on the same ballots. So, seriously? I think the lot of them need to be removed. Had there been even a shred of evidence for any type of fraud, there might be a case to examine. They had NO CASE. They are attempting to subvert the will of the voters. I don’t care which “team” you think you’re playing for , that is not acceptable in this country.

I bet most of you couldn’t stomach the footage I watched today. It was on MSNBC, although that is certainly not the only source. It was graphic and intensely violent and extremely disturbing. In our Capitol building. Against our elected government. That is the text book definition of SEDITION. Everyone and I do mean everyone involved in this attempt to subvert the processes of our Republic belong in prison. For a long time. Including the rioters who were armed with tasers and repeatedly tased and beat our LEOs, with metal pipes, causing very serious injuries, while those heroes attempted to defend our democratic process. .

Shame on any of you who try to deflect the seriousness of this incident by some lame comparisons or ,show of ignorance of the facts of this situation. Shame on your complicity.

Long live the REPUBLIC.

Francesca, I watched quite a bit of the footage you mentioned, too much I suppose, and it is deeply disturbing. How any of it can be condoned, and not coming aggressively against it is condoning it in my humble opinion, is beyond me. Trump has divided this great country of ours for what? His own ego? The majority of us are a moderate of some sort, and we don’t want the chaos that comes with extremism.

Well said. Thank you.

The Tribune is not a good objective news source . Either don’t read them , cancel your subscription ( I did), but they are horrible , what’s the surprise here?

All year long our nation burned and both private and public property was destroyed and people were hurt and killed. The media was NOT outraged, but sympathized with it, even stoking the flames of discontent. Here we have a couple of hours aof a few people getting “out of line” and they are suddeny outraged about this “dark day in our history”. VP elect Harris told people to go ahead and riot, she would bale them out if they get arrested…no outrage.

Not buying it! Trump 2024.

One group is protesting to change what it sees as systemic racism within the nation’s police forces—they have plenty of examples as evidence for their claims. They are met with force, including national guard, border patrol officers and other unidentified federal law enforcement. Outside of police stations and courtrooms, which they see as emblematic of that racism, they do not threaten any government buildings. And when they do gather outside the White House they are met with the full brunt of riot police, including tactical blasts, teargas and helicopters overhead.

Another group spends a few hours being whipped into a fury by the president, his son and Rudy Giuliani with claims that are contrary to the facts. They instruct the mob to march to the capitol and to experience “trial by combat.” Now an angry mob, they march to the capitol with their Trump flags and red MAGA hats where they proceed to break in doors, climb over barricades and briefly occupy the place where this nation’s representatives contemplate our laws and future—if you’d ever watched the old movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, you might understand what that capitol represents to many of us.

Capitol police feel threatened enough to use their firearms and kill a right-wing agitator. In another part of the capitol a police officer is beaten senseless with a fire extinguisher by right wing agitators. He dies. Three other followers of the right wing agitators are dead because they were caught up in a mob without access to timely medical assistance.

After witnessing Trump incite a deadly riot, you can still say “Trump 2024”. It is, unfortunately, all I need to know about the future, or lack thereof, of this nation.

“couple of hours of a few people getting ‘out of line'” … REALLY? What occurred was sedition, and those that coddle them are either fellow travelers or participants.

As for VP Harris, another right wing misquote, here is the USA Today fact check:

Apolitical, you should change your name to hyperpartisan Trump supporter.

Trump will doom the GOP. This treasonous conspiracy will be under investigation, and major political news, right through 2021, and into the 2022 election cycle.