Attorneys for BLM protesters take another swipe at SLO County prosecutors

March 1, 2021

CORRECTION: Judge Rita Federman has taken over the cases from Judge Matt Guerrero.


Attorneys for two San Luis Obispo Black Lives Matter protesters are asking the court to hold prosecutors in contempt of court for allegedly withholding records they were court-ordered to provide.

Attorneys Patrick Fisher and Curtis Briggs, who represent protesters Tianna Arata and Robert Lastra, filed a motion last month asking the court to incarcerate SLO Deputy District Attorney Delaney Henretty and California Deputy Attorney General William Frank for not providing all requested documentation. Fisher and Briggs assert there has to be more correspondence between law enforcement and prosecutors than has been disclosed.

On July 21, Arata led approximately 300 protesters onto Highway 101, blocking drivers trying to exit the freeway. In one incident on the highway, Lastra threw a skateboard at the back window of a car. The window shattered, with pieces landing on a 4-year-old boy, who was unharmed.

On Dec. 11, Judge Matthew Guerrero approved only portions of a motion to compel discovery, noting that the defendants already received most of the discovery they had requested. Judge Guerrero then ordered prosecutors to provide correspondence between law enforcement and prosecutors, and forms reflecting cases referred for prosecution against black defendants over the past 20 years.

Fisher and Briggs also allege prosecutors turned over only 10 of the 13 relevant forms referring BLM cases for prosecution.

In their motion, the attorneys referred to 552 emails sent to the city and prosecutors from Arata’s supporters, and one email from SLO Methodist Church Pastor Rick Uhls supporting the arrest.

For more than five months, Arata has used social media to rally people in support of an attempt to get her charges dropped, to demean those who support her arrest and to raise money.

For example, Arata recently posted a request for a new bed, followed with a post in which she appears to be doxing a local pastor, and then a post of herself in a mattress store in which she thanks her supporters for donating money.

“lmfao SLO really got PASTORS coming for me,” Arata posted on Instagram on Feb. 23. “LOL fuck you & your white God BOZO!”

Arata’s post includes Pastor Uhls’ name and the phone number for the United Methodist Church, which Arata tells her supporters to use how they see fit.

Fisher and Briggs’ contempt of court motion is scheduled for Tuesday morning in SLO County Superior Court. After Judge Guerrero was transferred to family court in January, Judge Rita Federman took over the cases.


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Determine Pride in Who you are, not What you are.

How does it make any sense to have Pride in Hatred, Racism, Extortion, Disregard for humanity, rudeness, Disrespect, bearing false witness, etc. How is it that these lawyers are OK with these characteristics? I am bewildered what these standards have to do with BLM? AND, would she be someone YOU would hire?


And how does Arata’s behavior and these protests help the BLM cause, exactly?


commonsenseguy…spot on — about Arata’s description…but for those of us who see her as that, I think to have it validated REPEATED is news worthy! Just reinforces WHY this hate-filled racist “wanna be” should be held accountable for her actions!!! And for the people supporting her, all I can say is — well maybe you wouldn’t feel the same way if she and her clowns did destruction to your home, car or put your family in a frightening/threatening situation. She needs to be prosecuted for her actions along with her little friend. And it doesn’t matter what color her skin is…inciting the actions SHE DID should be followed up with criminal time in an institution to give her time to think about the crap she pulled. SOOOOOO many other ways the protest/rally(?) could have gone “peacefully” if SHE HADN’T been so hateful/inciteful and crime oriented.

kevin rise

January 6th proves racism is alive and well. Dont forget the cause, BLM, MLK down with the KKK. Never forget Selma Alabama, never forget Police violence statistics, failed drug wars no knock raids that killed Breanna Taylor who was innocent.


Your right. Racism is alive and well. It exploded here locally with Tiana Arata leading a group of uncivil, violent and bigoted protestor’s shouting profanity, hate speech toward all within their uncivil insurgent attacks of innocent people including children and a woman in labor.

Her words and actions since then have been nothing less than racist, and bigoted, along with her hate-filled social media post. In this current story this hateful young lady doubles down on all of the before mentioned along encouraging violence on a local Pastor. Any that try to deflect and defend her latest racist comments have some real problems with being taken serious when calling out racism, but are like crickets when it comes to her racism and violent acts against innocent people.


Poor girl…. Hey I hear McDonalds is hiring. Thats what responsible people do. We work to get to get what we need. Anyway, Most people would probably have more empathy if she just owned up to her mistakes, apologized, and moved on. But instead its a money wasting legal circus and a diva pity party. Its simple, accept responsibility for your actions on the fateful day. You remember, when you felt so powerful leading the mob to victory on the freeway? It’s apparent this young woman is not sorry for her actions and has no intention of taking any responsibility. Someone commented on soap opera reporting? I’m glad someone like CCN is keeping up on the story…the manipulation of justice and changing the narrative so it all falls through the cracks. What we all complain about around the tv at night….


McDonald’s jobs are being replaced by kiosks. Tiana can’t compete with that.


Please move on from this “News”. How many times can CCN AND Tribune cash in on the T.A. “story”. Follow up when there’s been an actual verdict. Tired of soap opera reporting


I think most of the people could care less what Tiana or her attorney’s have to say. She and her blm insurgency, along with race matters, and all of their attorney’s have more shown that they are all racist, bigoted, filled with hate, and have not problem promoting and encouraging violence. Just look at their actions and words. When Tiana spews words like “LOL, fuck you & your white God BOZO!” and follows it with encouraging violence against churches and Pastor’s. What is that showing? Her attorney’s stand by and let her act this way? She’s filled with hate, she’s a racist and now is also using her new found fame not only to blackmail businesses in SLO during her uncivil insurgency movement, but now is fleecing the public to pay for her hateful, racist, and bigoted actions.


Just how long is this freak-show going to continue? Now that there is some time and hence perspective from last summer, things have become crystal clear.

A bunch of race-baiters were gonna make their activist bones and “get paid” by illegally rioting and protesting in SLO.

Now the bill for their shenanigans is coming due and these loathsome cowards refuse to face the music.

In the end, this entire sideshow won’t mean anything because as they say, “WATCH THE VIDEOS!”


That’s quite a grift Tianna’s got going. She was showing off her new bedazzled green manicure yesterday and a new suit she wore for an interview with ABC’s “Soul of a Nation”. Her gofundme earned over $70,000 and her attorney, Curtis Briggs, said he was working pro bono (free) so I’m not sure where all that cash went.

Aside from the money thing, it’s sad that she’s doxing Pastor Uhls for his support of SLOPD. She complains about being forced into hiding so knows how horrible it is to be targeted. The woman just seems to invite chaos.