Dozens of people rally against Asian hate in San Luis Obispo

April 2, 2021

More than 100 people attended a peaceful rally on Thursday in San Luis Obispo in opposition to hate and racism directed at Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

After organizers Kaela Lee and Mia Shin spoke to the crowd at Mitchell Park, they led a march through downtown San Luis Obispo.

People are rallying against Asian hate throughout the nation following a series of assaults against Asian people during the past year.

Mayor Heidi Harmon’s friend and campaign manager Quinn Brady blocked traffic at intersections. During the Black Lives Matter marches that she helped organize, Brady identified herself as a “peacekeeper.”


Hahahahahaha. So ridiculous. The left has “jumped the shark”. Everybody is a victim. “Hate crimes” against Asians now? OMG. What a sham. Manufactured social movement probably well designed by CCP to ensure there is no pushback against their political agenda. And the left buys it. Fools.


Wow, your comment is ridiculous and shortsighted, kid.


This explains CCN, another partisan blog.


I guess standing in, and speaking the truth is now considered ridiculous, shortsighted, and partisan. Two perfect examples of narrow mindedness, and individuals blinded by their own ideologies.


And you are the disseminator of “truth”? Mighty big hat


Downtown SLO, maybe should rename it MARCH street?


Another commonality in these attacks is age, the victims were elderly. I wonder if that has more to do with it than being Asian. Not much retaliation from someone in their 70s or 80s…. Well, unless they have their CCW…


Now there’s a solution from the paso-righto-sphere … give the elderly a Glock!


Show me where they don’t have the right to have one an use it for protection? I know many tough old sage filled guys up here that would even use them to protect you if needed. It speaks loudly to their character and the lack of it in others who want demean them


How many elderly are trained to correctly use a firearm in a public situation? Best to keep firearms at home when not being used for hunting, sport, etc. Let trained competent officers police public spaces.


I think the left is using this falsehood to drag another so called put upon minority into their fold…


Here’s a statistical hate crime summary,

How unpatriotic the far left and far right is, far left or far right, they both bite.


The media says jump and these folks ask how high….every Asian attack video I’ve seen on youtube or the cable news with the exception of Atlanta there are African Americans doing the attacking….just to be honest….we all want the truth right?….so please don’t blame white men again….that’s wearing out fast….and its getting insulting….


Every vid fed to you on Fox … have a study of this or just bigotry?


Do you think the videos on FOX are fake? if not what are you saying?…maybe your news sources are keeping inconvenient truths from you….ever think of that?…


I have noticed the same thing from most of the videos that I have seen. However, no news article ever mentions race or gender unless the perpetrator is a white male and the victim is not. Why?


The Answer;

because it doesn’t fit the cancel culture, Democratic Party, Trump hating narrative.

For these people there is no middle ground, no intelligent give-and-take discussion. You are either with them 100 percent or you are a racist and white supremecist.


What is with all these Asian Hate crimes Lately?

What the H is the matter with people??


Street crime is up everywhere…we are shortening sentences and allowing early release and decriminalizing certain crimes…everyone is at a greater risk not just Asians…try wearing a MAGA hat on 5th Ave….


Ramby and Matt Gaetz last to go down with the ship, S.S. MAGA Grafter


So you really don’t have anything to add to the discussion?…


I am an old Asian woman. Wonder what would happen if I wore a MAGA hat to an Anti AAPI Hate rally/march. It would be interesting! :)


Probably less than what happened to protestors at Trump Rallies.


Here we go again. Who’s next? I heard a person from the Arctic was assaulted. How can I now exploit the eskimos because my bleeding heart cares for them. Or am I not allowed to say Eskimo? And if you don’t condemn this assault you are complicit and a racist. Shame on you. Look how much I care and you don’t. I’m better than you and that validates me. Eskimo lives matter.

Cthulhu Colander

Most prefer the name Inuit.


It’s their right to peacefully protest along the sidewalk. Stopping or blocking traffic, commerce or impeding the rights and safety of individuals is against the law. Period. I support the rights of every human being including the innocent child, to be free of hate, racism, and bigotry.

I’m still waiting for these so-called selective “peaceful protesters” and “peacekeepers” like Quinn Brady, to organize a march for the innocent lives of children in this nation. This war and hate rages daily with nearly a peep. Do they truly care about lives and the right to it? All lives matter, white black, brown, Asian or whatever you claim to be. Most importantly, the lives of children.


Gee, expanded federal child tax credit in Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief package is a benefit for AMERICAN families. Credit raises the maximum annual benefit level for families to $3,600 per child under age 6 and to $3,000 per child ages 6 to 17, from $2,000 per child under 17. It provides a monthly allowance creating a guaranteed income for families with children … administration says overall lifting 11 million people out of poverty “and cut child poverty in half.”

Oh, common, would rather call others heretics and dwelling in the bowels of …


They only care about tearing down the greatest country in human history, and obtaining power in the process.


Perfect title as usual “Dozens of people rally….”. Meanwhile as dozens rally the rest of us worked as usual while wondering which Asian’s are being so dreadfully hated upon.

We were all born and raised here with Black, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Mexican folks as well as a smattering of “others” I’m sure around here. All this nonsense about people being hated is just stupid nonsense.

Seeing Heidi Harmful’s BFF blocking traffic just lets you know what a stupid little march it was!