SLO residents under 30 stalling COVID-19 reopening plans

April 3, 2021


San Luis Obispo City residents younger than 30 account for a growing share of new COVID-19 cases in SLO County, with a slight increase in infections stalling the county in the red tier.

Last week, the county began vaccinating people 50 and above while announcing residents over 30 years of age could now sign up for the vaccine. With more than 140,000 vaccine doses already administered in the county, the number of people in the hospital has fallen from a high of 51 on Jan. 1 to currently only six.

During the past seven days, people below 30 years old accounted for 48% of all COVID-19 cases diagnosed in SLO County. That is up from 16% during the first week of the year for the under-30 crowd.

During the past seven days, SLO City residents accounted for 41% of all new cases, up from 10% the first seven days of 2021.

For more than a month, the number of new cases in SLO County declined rapidly, with the county achieving tallies required to enter the less restrictive orange tier. The decline stopped shortly after hundreds of primarily college-age students attended “Saint Fratty’s Day” parties in SLO.

In order to enter the orange tier, the number of new cases and positivity rates must remain at a lower level for at least two weeks. In the orange tier, many businesses can increase revenue because of relaxed restrictions:

  • Breweries, wineries and distilleries that don’t serve food can reopen indoors at 25% capacity.
  • Bars that don’t serve food can reopen indoors at 25% capacity.
  • Retail stores, hair salons and nail shops can increase occupancy from 25% to 50%.
  • Indoor pools, bowling alleys and card rooms can operate at 25% capacity.

Of the 42 new coronavirus cases in SLO County over the past two days, San Luis Obispo leads with 17 new cases, followed by Atascadero and Paso Robles with six cases each.

As of Friday afternoon, 20,547 people in SLO County have tested positive for the pandemic. Of those, 256 have died. There are six SLO County residents in the hospital receiving treatment for the virus, with one in intensive care units.

Cases by area:

  • Paso Robles – 4,045
  • San Luis Obispo – 3,993
  • California Men’s Colony (inmates) – 2,384
  • Atascadero – 1,956
  • Nipomo – 1,545
  • Arroyo Grande – 1,443
  • Grover Beach – 861
  • Oceano – 690
  • Templeton – 610
  • San Miguel – 519
  • Los Osos – 477
  • Morro Bay – 418
  • Cal Poly (campus residents) – 373
  • Pismo Beach – 334
  • Atascadero State Hospital (patients) – 206
  • Cambria – 177
  • Shandon – 139
  • Santa Margarita – 140
  • Creston – 85
  • Cayucos – 69
  • Avila Beach – 30
  • San Simeon – 21
  • Bradley – 7

In Santa Barbara County, there have been 33,270 confirmed coronavirus cases and 440 deaths, according to the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

Cases by area:

Santa Maria — 11,206
Santa Barbara — 6,229
Lompoc — 3,533
Orcutt — 1,766
Lompoc Federal Prison — 1,089

There have been 3,675,660 positive cases, and 59,610 deaths in California.

More than 31,366,146 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 565,254 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 131,236,247 cases with 2,855,519 dead.

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This is so misleading. Of course the under-30 crowd is leading now, they were last in line to get the vaccine. It should have been the old, conservative, anti-mask crowd.

Until earlier this week, you had to be 65 and above or a critical worker, including fast food workers who are often younger, to get a vaccine. Are you saying hundreds of people going from party to party in SLO has nothing to do with the increase? And why are the new cases mostly in SLO?

Found the old, conservative, anti-masker.

There is no option for success. You may only do as you’re told.

Why is there no Green Tier?

Republican opposition?

Thank you president Trump and team for operation warp speed and delivering two vaccines in about 10 months. The Biden administration and media won’t give you any credit for the achievement and the doubters like Fauci and others in the MSM said it was wishful thinking, but great leadership delivered!

Just an inconvenient fact.

Yeah…. the loser in chief who refused to wear a mask, hosted hundreds of super spreader rallies that infected thousands (including killing Herman Caine), promoted drinking bleach, got COVID himself and had to be airlifted to Walter Reed, yeah such a leader on the virus…. Delivering the two vaccines in 10 months was entirely thanks to the hard work of the pharmaceutical companies and would have happened no matter who was in office.

Nope, revisionist history.

Trump did what was thought impossible by media darling “experts.” Trump, even with his bellicose ridiculousness, was right, the left and the media was wrong.

Just an irrefutable fact.

I expect you should pay %50 taxes towards those companies to express your great fullness. Otherwise you may be a hypocrite.

According to a study published in the American Medical Association’s JAMA Pediatrics journal on Monday, an estimated 37,300 to 43,000 U.S. children experienced the loss of at least one parent due to COVID-19 in the past year.

Yeah, eraseus, Trump was a peach.

“ This study uses deidentified, publicly available data and is not considered human subjects research.”

Quite the research!

Pediatrics Journal of the American Medical Association is the source.

This County is an interesting dichotomy between the worldly, college educated, science oriented, and the provincial, skeptical and resentful.

The latter whose reality is limited to what the highly biased sources they accept say, relying on self reinforcing feedback loops, where even a WORLD FULL of impartial evidence, cannot dislodge the predetermined bias.

Is this what y’all call the Big Lie?

You seriously believe the COVID pandemic is a Big Lie? Brazil, Russia, all of Europe, India, all into this Big Lie? Local hospitals, medical professionals, all faking? You’re laughable.

derasmus, Trump’s big accomplishment is to spend billions on a vaccination program to fight a disease that his ineptitude caused to be out of control? Your argument is ABSURD. Next, you’ll argue Trump should be canonized from bringing 550,000+ Americans closer to God.

You are smart. What in the … is the nonsense you are listening to? And the pathetic Pavlovian Fox prattles against MSM and Fauci. Guess Fox News dislikes its competition, duh! LOL

derasmus, seriously, why do you cling to this frightenly Hitleresque like devotion to a complete belly flop? It is un American to worship Trump or any leader for that matter.

The creator gave us a mind so we can think, not so we can become a psychological dependent. I challenge you, turn off your media feed for 60 days, none, nada, zip and watch how much more lovely the world becomes.