Pride flag to fly over Arroyo Grande City Hall in June

May 27, 2021


In an attempt to promote inclusion and diversity, the Arroyo Grande City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve the flying of Pride flags during the month of June at City Hall and at Heritage Square Park.

Pride is celebrated annually in June, with a goal of achieving equal justice and equal opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. City officials hope that flying a Pride flag will help promote inclusion and stop hate.

The council agreed to fly Progress Flags, which are a combination of the traditional Rainbow Flag with the addition of a five-colored chevron, in support of transgender and bisexual people.

“Tonight, the Arroyo Grande City Council took a small, but important step towards a more inclusive community and unanimously approved the establishment of a City Flag Display policy and authorized display of the LGBTQ Pride flag at City Hall and Heritage Square Park for Pride Month in June,” the city posted on social media.

kevin rise

Agreed with most here. We have a state flag, and a national flag; petition to change those and what they represent. Otherwise, we need to stay neutral or democratically vote what flags fly, otherwise leave it alone. Flying this flag is as controversial as a blue lives flag, and the depth both represent.


How about flying the Boy Scout Flag & the Girl Scout flag?


Stating one group is different but the same and should mean inclusion when flying their flag, then why aren’t other flags flown to show inclusion, like the then blue line flag? This is strictly virtue signaling and it’s dividing.


Cultural Marxism. Deny it all you want but the evidence is in front of your eyes.


Huh? Wouldn’t flying the pride flags represent the antithesis of Marxism?


I’m offended, take it down. So why in the world does that item ever get on a city agenda?? The city council of AG is off the rails. I agree with a lot of comments here…a weak attempt. What’s next ISIS flag? Homeless flag? Sorry…just a rant. Its ridiculous.