Parking rates rise in San Luis Obispo, free parking hours decline

July 2, 2021

San Luis Obispo’s parking rates are increasing in July while the ability to park for free from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. is ending.

The new rates are slated to help pay for a planned $43 million parking garage at Palm and Nipomo streets. The SLO City Council approved the new rates effective July 1, 2020, but delayed the increase because of the pandemic.

SLO’s new parking rules

Effective July 1 for parking garages:

  • Hourly rate increase from $1.25 to $1.50
  • Maximum daily rate decreases from $12.50 to $6

Effective July 19 for on-street parking:

  • Paid parking hours increased to 9 p.m.
  • Hourly parking rates up 25 cents, range from $1.25 to $2 per hour

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SLO is trying to be like Monterey…’cept it ain’t Monterey, if ya get my drift

A bond one’d or homeless vehicles should be able to stay parked downtown at all times for free to be consistent and fair.


If your not a lazy a** and a local, you park a block away on Garden and walk. This makes money off Rich Ignorant Tourists, so be thankful. Any normal local knows where to park unless your a clueless idiot. Lived there for 5 years, Nimby, tax the Hell out of tourists and their sheep behavior. Nimby cry babies.

Kevin, you sound like a very happy person.


They extend the enforcement of parking meters to 9pm every day, yet somehow still don’t enforce them on Sundays until 1pm? So basically they are punishing people who want to go to Farmer’s market or have a nice dinner in town, but still give a parking freebie to the small minority of Sunday morning churchgoers who go to services in the downtown area? Talk about religious discrimination! Maybe my chosen form of worship is having a nice dinner and a bottle of wine at a restaurant downtown!

If your chosen form of worship is “having a nice dinner and a bottle of wine at a restaurant downtown!”, then I feel sorry for you. Perhaps you were being overly audacious in an attempt to “make a point?” If that’s the case, you failed.

In the case of the Old Mission, it was here well before the City of San Luis Obispo was founded. It also existed before the State of California was established. Heck, it’s older than the United State of America!

Not impinging on the celebration of Sunday Masses with parking fees is a reasonable sign of respect. If this courtesy extends to other downtown places of worship, then so much the better!

Your notion that this is an example of “religious discrimination” would be laughable, were it not so repugnant.

Well put!

So we should show the mission respect by giving them free parking because they’ve been here a while? By that twisted logic we should also give the Native Americans they abused and tried to forcibly convert free parking as well because they’ve been here even longer. Your ignorant fundamentalist logic is what is repugnant here. A fine glass of wine sounds much better than whatever guilt ridden purgatory you have put yourself in.

Bunch of geniuses at city hall. How to kill what’s left of downtown.

And how about the elimination of parking meters and the installation of “pay stations” you’ve got to walk to? And germy surfaces there to trade Covid with the masses? Brilliant bunch. All to generate more $ $$ $ for building $46 million parking garage on a public parking lot nobody uses. Genius in action.

Well I guess I won’t be going to SLO for dinner ever again. Way to screw the businesses SLO!

Good, too lazy to walk a block and park for free. Heidi lover.

Thanks to Heidi’s parklets and bicycle lanes, there are but two (2) handicap parking spaces on Higuera, in the downtown core. For many, it’s not a matter of “lazy”, but ability.

You’re talking out of your hat. There’s no free public parking a block from the center of DTSLO, and if there is, it’s the type that’s always full.

I know this will get a lot of negative votes, but truth be told, restaurants and bars are going great guns in DTSLO.

Part of the reason is that by using taxpayer-owned parking spaces at zero rent, restaurants and select bars have greatly increased the size of their dining/drinking rooms.

I don’t know if it will last? People were obviously very anxious to get the heck out of the house. But as it is right now, bars and restaurants appear to be killing in DTSLO.

Well this will certainly hurt the local businesses, locals will not spend their retail dollars on parking!!!

Rather than raise parking fees and limit free parking time, why not begin to lease the valuable space currently being sucked up by “parklets” in DTSLO?

Business owners are making big bucks through the use of public property. With everything opened back up, either the parklets need to go, or the users need to begin paying rent.

Great way to increase tourism and to help struggling downtown businesses.

Of course the homeless still get to park themselves anywhere they want for free.


First they come for the rich. (I know more than $8/hr is rich to you). Then they come for the rest.

Parking is free on Garden until it’s not.

Parking used to be free on Palm, east of Santa Rosa, until the parking garage in Chinatown was built. Seems most of the Courthouse and city government workers, decided to park on Palm for free…until it wasn’t. Currently, many choose to park on Palm, Mill, and Peach, east of Toro for free…for now.

The only thing stopping the meters from going up east of Toro, is the Mill St District.

Kevin Rise, Garden St is metered until you get to Pismo St…which is the north edge of the Old Town district. Same with Broad, Chorro, Morro, and Osos streets. That’s a 3 block walk to park free…for now.

Great, logical post. Thanks.