Drunk driver allegedly kills pedestrian in Atascadero

September 20, 2021

Jorge Castaneda


A Paso Robles man allegedly hit and killed a pedestrian in Atascadero Sunday evening before crashing head-on into another vehicle on Highway 41 near Santa Rosa Road.

Following the fatal hit-and-run, Jorge Castaneda, 26, of Paso Robles drove his Jeep into oncoming traffic and head-on into another vehicle. Castaneda fled the scene on foot before officers arrived.

While investigation the crash, officers discovered the body of a male pedestrian. His name is not being disclosed pending next of kin.

First responders treated the occupants of the vehicle Castaneda hit, who were suffering with minor to moderate injuries.


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I’m willing to bet the neck tattoo was done while he was in custody either as a juvenile or an adult.The quality of the ink and its appearance of fading says prison tattoo at a glance


Neck tattoo… what a surprise. When someone goes to the tattoo parlor to get a neck tattoo, they should just save some time and fingerprint them and take their mug shot while they are there.


Anyone want to bet, this isn’t his first time convicted of DUI?


He’s never been convicted of DUI before but a quick internet search for Mr. Castaneda shows 2 prior arrests in ’18 and ’20.

Various charges included vandalism, exhibit deadly weapon other than firearm, drive w/o license, carry concealed weapon…

Now he’s taken the life of some innocent pedestrian.

He deserves to be in prison for a very long time. What a jerk.


Rico Suave and his neck tattoos will be out in no time after a non-voluntary manslaughter charge and probation plea deal (got to keep that conviction rate high for the election, a conviction with no jail time still equals a conviction for statistical purposes).