Suspect assaults woman in SLO, yells racial slurs

November 24, 2021


San Luis Obispo police are looking for a man who allegedly assaulted a woman while yelling racial slurs on Tuesday evening near Miners Ace Hardware on Santa Barbara Avenue.

At about 6 p.m., a couple, an Asian man and a white woman, were walking their dog when a white man began yelling racial slurs at the Asian man. The woman then took out her phone to call 911, prompting the suspect to attack her.

Several good Samaritans at the hardware store came out to assist the couple, and the male victim attempted to pursue the suspect on foot. The suspect then attempted to assault the male victim before he fled the scene.

Officers are asking anyone who has information about this investigation to contact Officer Ponce at (805) 781-7142.

“The San Luis Obispo Police Department does not tolerate hate of any kind and we are committed to investigating all acts of violence,” according to a department press release. “Crimes motivated by hate are not just attacks on innocent people – they are attacks on our entire community.”


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CCN had a story earlier this year which stated in county crime statistics, the city of San Luis Obispo was leading in hate crimes with the count of 12 at that time. With this attack, the murder earlier this week, and the shooting at Taco Bell on Santa Rosa St., it’s not looking good for shopping in SLO this Christmas season despite the temporary free parking. I hope for the resident’s sake that defunding the Police is off the table, and an increase in hiring officer’s and patrols is in the offering with the rapid increase of violent crimes.


I am sure these racists lament the bygone days when you could scream at minorities with impunity. Cursed smartphones!!

Native American’s believed the camera stole the soul. Or captured it.

It is ironic to me that in a way these racists believe the same thing and fear being recorded.


A benign generic statement about a misogynistic racist, and racism in general, collects nothing but negative votes!!?

Ah what neighbors we have amongst us.

Grace can be contagious ….if practiced.

Happy Thanksgiving