Atascadero students protest against sexual harassment

December 19, 2021

Photo by Kay Powers


Nearly 100 Atascadero High School Students protested on Friday as part of an attempt to get school officials to act on reports of sexual harassment, rape and prejudice.

The students gathered at Sunken Gardens, where a handful of students spoke of the trials they have experienced. Students carried signs as they marched through the area.

In a recently created Instagram account, students accuse school officials of downplaying reports of sexual misconduct, including alleged rapes. Students post anonymously, using white text on black backgrounds.

In the posts, students also accuse several teachers of making inappropriate sexual comments. However, the primary complaint is against school officials who they accuse of failing to protect students.

Over winter break, the students plan to start a club. Their goal is to get school officials to take their allegations seriously.

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Don’t highschool kids know how to party anymore? If you get yourself in a bad situation it’s partly your fault.

Fight back with publicity. I find it stunning that the similar Instagram account for Cal Poly (shadesofcalpoly) never gets any airplay.

I hope these students and parents can produce solid evidence of these accusations. If true, there should be documented evidence available. The rape charge is very serious.

Prejudices are always going to be there, even by the ones making these accusations. It doesn’t justify it but is a fact. We are all guilty of prejudices if you’re truthful about yourself.

Sexual immorality and harassments are so out of control these days, it’s not surprising that this is happening. As long as it’s all called out as wrong across the board fairly, this will not go away.

If this turns out to be true then every one of the AHS staff and teachers involved should be fired immediately

Good thought, but the cards are usually stacked against the victims, particularly in academia.