Cat stolen out of car parked at the Carlton in Atascadero

December 11, 2021


A woman is offering a $3,000 reward for her cat that a burglar allegedly stole in a smash and grab outside the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero Thursday night.

Between 9:10 and 9:50 p.m., Rachel Foley’s car was broken into in the Carlton Hotel parking lot, Foley stated in a Facebook post. The burglar smashed her passenger window and stole her purse and cat.

The cat, named Dublin, is a Devon Rex, a relatively uncommon breed. Dublin was inside a rectangular, purple cat carrier with pink accents.

Dublin has green eyes, big ears and a small head with curly, wavy hair. The cat’s print is tortoise.

“There will be a HUGE HUGE reward for anyone who has any information, finds her or returns her,” Foley wrote in the Facebook post. “My heart is shattered, I feel defeated. Anything helps.”

Foley is asking anyone who spots the cat or hears anything to call her at (813) 486-7858 or report it to police. An anonymous drop-off is also fine.

“I am not interested in getting whoever did this in trouble. I simply want my cat back,” Foley said.


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Jorge Estrada

Looks like a cat once owned by a Egyptian Pharaoh?


What a cat-astrophe.

Ben Daho

The cat was left in a car for 40 min. Maybe it was rescued.


why would anyone leave their beloved pet OR their purse in their car??? this sounds suspicious to me…


The cat burglar knew what to steal. Ransom for their pet. A true lowlife; I sincerely hope she gets her cat back. How cruel can people be?


I am so sorry to see this. Breaking into a car and then stealing a CAT? That’s so bad.

The Devon Rex is a rare and valuable cat; certainly, a case can be made that it is worth over $950 which is the threshold for felony v. misdemeanor charges. I hope the thief/thieves are caught and prosecuted on felony charges.