Paso Robles hires new police chief

December 21, 2021

Paso Robles Police Chief Damian Nord


The City of Paso Robles announced Tuesday the appointment of Damian Nord as police chief. Nord is in the process of relocating from Bakersfield to Paso Robles.

“I am honored to be joining the City of Paso Robles and a team of talented professionals,” Nord said. “I look forward to working with everyone to keep the city safe, build trust and strong partnerships throughout the community.”

Nord began his career with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office in 1998 as a detention deputy, later promoting to deputy sheriff in 2001. He worked his way through the ranks serving as a detective, sergeant, lieutenant, commander, and most recently as a chief deputy in charge of the Investigations and Detentions Bureaus.

Nord holds a Bachelor of Science degree in emergency management and attended the executive leadership program at USC Price School of Public Policy.

“I’m excited the city was able to recruit a top-notch Police Chief like Damian Nord,” said City Manager Ty Lewis, “Chief Nord brings a wealth of experience, strong character, and positive energy to our community. Chief Nord’s proven ability to effectively work with diverse communities, like Paso Robles, will serve us well.”

Nord is replacing Interim Police Chief Stephen Lampe, who retires at the end of the year.


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Any word on his salary and total compensation and how much his predecessor received?


Oh Jesus Christ… why is it always about salary and compensation with some people?? I’m sure he will be well compensated and will earn his money doing a thankless job. I wish you the best Chief Nord. Welcome.


Just look it up for Pete’s sake!


Jorge Estrada

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Jon Tatro

Welcome back Nord and congrats on the new position.


Best of luck to him, sincerely! Haven’t been hearing many nice things about Paso Robles lately. Apparently some parts of the city are pretty ripe with gang activity. Ironic that the “high class” wine industry co exists right nearby.

Jon Tatro

Where are you getting your info that PR is ripe with gang activity. The real statistics for violent crime in PR is 1 out 551 will be victim of violent crime where the same stat for California in general is 1 out 221 will be a victim of violent crime. PasoRobles has B rating for crime which is really good considering how many tourists travel through PR and count in the stats. Now that’s “ironic “ for you unusual suspect.


Friends and family Jon. AKA, people I trust. People that don’t have ulterior motives. Certainly not the news outlets lol. Stats only represent a very limited scope. Besides, the only concern is for violent crime? there are many types of crime that affect a community as much, if not equally so.

Jon Tatro

Well I’m a retired PRPD Officer of 28 years of service and a resident of Paso Robles for 40 years. I’ve been voi dired an expert in gangs in federal and local court. Your “friends and family” don’t know a gang related crime from a hole in the ground. Let’s just leave this at I know more than you and your friends.


It’s not far behind the city of SLO with all of their violent crimes, insurgent groups and attacks on Police offices.