Storm brings rain, road closures to Central Coast

December 13, 2021


A series of storms is arriving on the Central Coast, and the rainfall could soak San Luis Obispo County through Christmas.

In the initial storm, Central Coast locations could receive between three and five inches of rain on Monday and Tuesday, PG&E meteorologist John Lindsey said. The heaviest rain, as well as the strongest winds, are expected Monday night and early Tuesday morning. As of Monday morning, much of SLO County has received light rainfall.

On Sunday night, authorities closed Highway 1 between Ragged Point and Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn. The closure is scheduled to end at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Law enforcement requested the closure so residents of homes near the Dolan Fire burn area could evacuate safely prior to the rainfall, according to Caltrans.


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Jorge Estrada

I do like the thoughtfulness but will this stretch of highway become a routinely closed road after this exercise? Covid has already become a selective excuse for many things having nothing to do with the illness. The point here is my concern over more expenses levied for what has already been funded as a benefit of government.

Ben Daho

What do you suggest? It’s usually closed when it’s dangerous. Was highway 1 EVER closed due to Covid?

Jorge Estrada

My point is that in the past, a road closure was due to a road hazard not a weather report. If you watch the news, hysteria seems to be the spice for media thence consequences.


State agencies think nothing about inconveniencing the people today…


Jorge Estrada: Small gov’t or big? You can’t have both.


While I agree with you on the Covid debacle, closing the 1 is an actual safety measure. The Dolan fire greatly increased the odds of a land/mud/rock slide in that area. Recall, the Pfeiffer bridge fell with a small slide, created by the washing out of the creek bank from previous storms. Safety would be paramount with a large slide possibility of the burn area. Heck, just last October, a very large rock broke apart and filled the road with debris, closing the highway, with no rain at all!

Let’s not forget, the recent huge slide that altered the shoreline map, is still rather unstable.


Jorge Estrada: Don’t ever leave city life! Or the U.S.A.