Naked, fat man zoom bombs Templeton advisory meeting

January 12, 2022


A fat, naked man describing sexual acts and cursing, Zoom bombed a Templeton Area Advisory Group meeting Tuesday evening as members critically critiqued City Boy Farms, a proposed cannabis grow.

About an hour into the 6 p.m. meeting, the board posted a list of issues they are asking the SLO County Board of Supervisors to require Jason Kallen address in his environmental impact report on the pot farm. More than a dozen new attendees then sought entry into the meeting. A substitute meeting monitor, who did not know how to put the new attendees in the waiting room, allowed the late arrivals to attend.

An obese, naked man reclining on a bed appeared on the screen, and began describing sexual acts and cursing.

Shortly afterwards, another new attendee placed their naked buttocks on the screen, while the others screamed and cursed. Someone then hacked into the meeting and began coloring over the advisory board’s posted list of issues regarding City Boy Farms.

It took the monitor about 15 minutes to figure out how to evict people from the meeting.

The board, some of whom believe the cannabis industry is responsible for the hack, voted to send the list of suggestions regarding City Boy Farms to the SLO County Board of Supervisors, said Murray Powell, a member of the Templeton Area Advisory Group.

“In my opinion, this was all done by supporters of the cannabis industry,” Powell said. “This is a perfect example of the cannabis neighbor who wants to move next to us.”

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This might have been and EIR example for consequential months of pizza eating??? just sayin

Why would someone in the Cannabis industry, make the people in their industry look bad? Especially when they are trying to assimilate into norm society? I think it more likely those trying to make people in that industry look deviant. You can hire anyone to do whatever these days, for the right price?

Why? Because most of these pot heads are brain damaged from decades of using their own product. I’m sure they were hoping most of the sheeple would assume that they would be the last suspects in this for the reasons you mentioned.

I am not now Nor Have I ever been “The Fat Bastard ” please note this..,

That’s the mentality of a brain stunted pot head. Reality is such a better place.

Jeffrey Toobin strikes again!

That’s hilarious

Adam Hill is not dead and county staff are still corrupt.

Anyone who hosts a Zoom meeting should know how to manage the meeting participants. Among the controls that the host has is to mute audio and/or stop a participant’s video stream. It takes only a couple minutes to learn how to use the controls that a host has. Do not attempt to host an open Zoom meeting unless you know the basics of meeting control.

The “fat bastard” strikes again.