Officers warn about theft from cars parked at trailheads in SLO

January 12, 2022


The San Luis Obispo Police Department is warning residents not to leave valuables in vehicles parked at trailheads.

Police are advising hikers to leave their valuables at home. Not even surveillance cameras will stop thieves from stealing belongings inside vehicles parked at trailheads, police said.

“If you are parking at a trailhead, please leave all valuables at home,” officers stated in a tweet. “Yep, we are working on getting cameras at several trailheads, but cameras just mean we might get footage of someone stealing your stuff. Preventing theft is key.”

KSBY reports multiple break-ins occurred at trailheads around SLO County during the summer of 2021.

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It would be helpful if the article mentioned the specific trailheads. I’ve read about Cuesta Grade, Irish Hills near the Maddona st entrance, and Montana de Oro having cars broken into by thieves who will wait for hikers to go hiking then have lookouts who the smash and grab … really sucks it’s happening here. Hope they get cameras up …

It is “hunter gatherer” behavior and is de facto legal here as much as it is in San Francisco. Yet we cannot defend our property under the same principle. BTW, check out the massive resurgent homeless camp across from the CHP in SLO after the pointless massive and expensive cleanup. They are out looking to steal, all day, every day.

People can’t keep track of their own stuff, so they allow the police to track them instead…What a world.

Because if you steal less than $950 it’s just a misdemeanor. How about start putting criminals in jail?