Paavo Ogren hired by SLO County IWMA, quits, back again

January 11, 2022

Paavo Ogren


San Luis Obispo County’s regional waste agency board voted last month to bring back Paavo Ogren, who after less than a month at the helm of the agency, quit suddenly on Aug. 11.

On July 14, the board approved Orgen’s hire as proposed by the executive committee. In the past, the full board was provided several options inline with the agency’s hiring guidelines. However, at the July meeting the board’s only option was Ogren with a salary of $186,120 a year, even though the position has a cap of $150,000 a year.

Two weeks later, prosecutors charged a former IWMA board secretary with 10 felonies — nine for embezzlement of IWMA funds and one for destruction of public records, providing fuel to members already considering leaving the IWMA.

During an Aug. 10 SLO County Board of Supervisors meeting, members of the public accused Supervisor Bruce Gibson of having a conflict of interest in the hiring of Ogren, his friend. After discussing the criminal charges and allegations of mismanagement, the supervisors voted 3-2 to exit the IWMA and to have county staff comply with state waste mandates. Ogren quit the next day.

The county’s seven cities remained in the IWMA, with employee Patti Toews serving as acting executive director.

Last month, the IWMA board voted to bring Ogren back as a consultant. On Jan. 12, the IWMA will discuss again appointing Ogren to the interim executive director position at a salary of $186,120 a year.


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Double and Triple dipping at its finest.

Jorge Estrada

Anyone can have an opinion but Paavo is there because of his forged qualifications recognized by the employer.….just sayin


They can’t find any other candidates? SLO is a good old boy county with gibson heading the pack. Let’s hope gibson gets voted out of office.


They really don’t care what we think do they? I keep voting but never backing a winner and things keep getting worse. Please don’t just vote a party, do some research!


Paavo is like a bad penny keeps showing up.


Why not just pay all public administrators, department heads, etc. a coooool million a day?

Red or Blue

it doesn’t matter who.

Blue or Red

the taxpayer’s dead.


What? Really? Nothing like letting the fox back in the hen house. Shame on of those that voted for this. To pay anything to lead an agency that’s failed at its duties and stolen from the hardworking taxpayer is absurd and corrosive to any form of decency. This guy is from the same mold as Hill, Gibson, Ortiz-Legg and many other leftist Progressive who gush with corruption, greed, deceit, and lies. What a f…… joke. There’s no hope when ignorance and insanity lead the way..

kevin rise

Why don’t you run vs type? Why always make this political or religious?


Thanks for the endorsement, but I already have a job I love.

Paavo makes it political himself. Making all things political is directly form the Progressive playbook. It’s a close second behind playing the race card.

Religious? Where?