SLO County Sheriff’s Office employee loses gun, felon finds it

January 25, 2022


A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office employee left his handgun in a public bathroom at the county jail on Monday morning, after which it was promptly stolen.

Before the employee realized he had left his gun in the bathroom, a man who had just spent the night in the drunk tank spotted the gun and took it with him when he left the facility. Deputies investigating the lost gun determined Matthew Goldsmith, 51, had likely taken the firearm from the restroom.

Sheriff deputies, California Highway Patrol officers and SLO Police officers mounted a search for Goldsmith, who was located with the firearm near Santa Rosa Street and Foothill Boulevard in SLO.

Deputies arrested Goldsmith on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and taking lost property. He remains in jail with his bail set at $50,000.

An internal investigation into the employee leaving their gun in the restroom is ongoing.


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When it comes to guns, we routinely we find that law enforcement personnel have the lowest factual knowledge, the worst safety practices (especially when discharging their gun in public areas), the worst handling and storage practices, and the worst aim..and of course almost zero accountability for any of this.


Sign up for the job then. No? Too dangerous? How can you be so critical of people willing to put their lives on the line for others? As if you had the courage or have never made a mistake :/


Please post a link so we can see where you’re getting these “facts”.


How the hell do you forget a pound and a half hunk of steel that is usually on your belt? I have eyes on my piece when it is not on me, and worry about it’s whereabouts if I can’t see it. Never out of mind.


The sheriff’s office employee is just following the example of ex-police chief of Paso Lisa Solomon Chitty who left her loaded, unregistered semi-automatic weapon in her unlocked car back in 2008.

Oh, and don’t forget the ex-police chief of SLO Deanna Cantrell who left her loaded gun in a public bathroom in 2019.

Both weapons were stolen (big surprise!) and now Mr. Goldsmith faces prison time because he (another surprise!) took this recently left behind gun.

CHP, sheriffs and SLO PD all went into overdrive all because of one sheriff’s office employee’s very reckless and dangerous actions. His/her job should be terminated immediately.


Stolen?? or FOUND??


This happens too often. LEOs do not get enough training, and many of them refuse it because they are not gun enthusiasts. But the weapon can be found by a young kid in these circumstances. I think that is actually what happened with Tony Blair’s security. There is absolutely no reason to be unholstered while enthroned, regardless what level of holster retention. There is a way to do it safely through practice, much safer than the alternatives. People laugh but this is an important area I used to cover in detail in my CCW classes.


You would think it would have already been “Procedure” to not remove your gun and just set it down anywhere, while indisposed. But still, how is more training going to change this dangerous habit? Especially on the back of a toilet? It could slip off of there easily. Seems this is really a common sense issue. Some people just lack common sense.


Pretty sure if any “regular” person did this they woukd at least lose their ccw, doubt it happened here.


Also, person who found it shouldn’t have touched it. But i find it funny how they freak out and start a witch hunt to throw the book at whoever “stole it” as soon as they realize they stepped in their own sh**


comical that this is the second time this has happened in slo county. stop playing with your gun while sh***ing guys, leave it holstered!


When Deanna Cantrell left her gun behind in a fast food restaurant bathroom, her excuse was : “Even though my gun was in a holster it didn’t stay clipped to my pants so I removed it and I placed it next to me.” *sigh* Excuses, excuses.


Here we go again. Why is a gun so hard to keep track of anyway?


Wow! It’s bad enough and ignorant that the state once again is releasing the dangerous felons. Now we’re going to help arm them as well.

Glad that they caught this felon before he could use the stolen gun in another felony. I hope this law enforcement officer is held accountable and punished as much as possible for this very dangerous incident.