Armed Nipomo Elementary School student threatens another student

February 11, 2022


A Nipomo Elementary School student allegedly threatened to hurt another student while wielding a knife last week. [KSBY]

On Feb. 3, the 11-year-old student allegedly made threats against another student at school. Nipomo Elementary staffers and the school resource deputy then contacted the student who made the threats and recovered a knife from the child’s backpack, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities did not place the campus on lockdown since there was no threat to the school or other students.

Following the incident, Nipomo Elementary School Principal Julia Bowles told parents it was an isolated incident involving three upper-grade-level students. Officials followed all disciplinary procedures, Bowles said in a message to parents.


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This is nothing new to Lucia Mar school district. I was around when there was a racial riot at Arroyo Grande High School and there were knives pulled. But a well known principle told the press it was just a pencil. And the press took him at his word. He lied to calm down the parents.


Principal Julia: Nothing going on here folks, everything is ok, just a little kid threatening another kid with a knife, move on now….


Creeping ever closer to the “Happiest City in America” every day…