Assistant Santa Maria principal resigns after alleged sex at school

February 18, 2022


Righetti High School Assistant Principal Gene Rickman submitted his resignation on Wednesday amid outcry from some parents over an alleged sexual encounter on campus with another male staffer.

A walk-on basketball coach and Rickman were having sex in an office when a pair of Righetti cheerleaders peered through a window and caught them, parents allege. The cheerleaders allegedly video recorded the men having sex and posted footage on Instagram. The Instagram video was reportedly taken down after being on the social media platform for a short time.

Santa Maria Joint Union High School District administrators responded by placing the two staffers on leave and launching an investigation.

Last week, parents protested outside the Santa Maria high school district board meeting, holding signs with statements like, “Public sex is not a private matter.”

Now, officials say Rickman has submitted his resignation, and the walk-on basketball coach is no longer an employee of the district. Rickman had been employed by the school district since July 2015.

The investigation into the alleged sexual encounter remains ongoing. District officials say they have notified the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing about the investigation.

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Nice picture of the school. You managed to find a picture of the Superintendent who got the “controversial raise” (for doing a good job) during the great mask war in Cayucos, but not one for a sex addict? I hear there’s a few pics on the internet to choose from.


This school has a history of very poor hiring practices in Admin. Remember Avenal? Now a VP intoxicated and pissing on a lawn? Resigned? Not fired? They will pop up somewhere for sure.


Wrapping of an internal investigation in a few weeks, this school district should teach all other government agencies, including citys and police departments that take months for internal investigations while those being investigated are on a several month or longer paid vacation.

Exactly how it should be done. 2 week investigation. Decision. Devils advocate. very few peoplw to interview. A week to stew on ramifications of discipline. More people equals longer investigation.

They just couldn’t wait till after school. SMH

I’m betting the Assistant Principal was hoping for the head job…….

Or Head Coach??

Glad to see the resignation. The cheerleaders who posted in online need some reprimanding too imo.

They are heroes and deserve praise for bringing this to sunlight.

Bringing it to light and posting it on social media are two different things :/

LOL!!! We can tell that Kevin really enjoyed watching the video! Probably saved it to his phone for easy access!

Why? They were in a public area with no expectation of privacy?

“Peered through a window”. Don’t you expect a certain level of privacy behind closed doors? I don’t agree with their decision to engage in sexual activity at school but nevertheless I doubt they expected to be spied on and exposed online :/

Ten bucks these dudes wanted the thrill of it being in the open. Schools don’t have drapes and curtains for this exact reason. Perverts,