Cambria woman headed to federal prison

February 16, 2022

Chelsea McIntyre


After eight months on the run, a Cambria woman is headed to federal prison.

U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner sentenced Chelsea McIntyre, 31, to 17.5 years in prison for drug possession. Following a joint investigation by the FBI and the Arroyo Grande Police Department, McIntyre was indicted by a federal grand jury in April 2019 with knowingly and intentionally possessing with intent to distribute approximately 88.3 grams of methamphetamine, a Schedule II controlled substance.

After McIntyre pleaded guilty in Feb. 2020, she became a fugitive. In early 2021, McIntyre removed her court administered ankle monitor and failed to appear for her sentencing hearing.

On Aug. 24, 2021, law enforcement officers arrested her in Bakersfield.

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Folks need to Google her name …she has been on a crime spree for a very long time .. She is tied to a murder in 2013 in Cambria etc etc .In 2018 she and her boyfriend at the time had local drug program pay for an apartment for 9 months …on the 8th month they listed the apartment For Rent on Craigslist and collected over 3k in deposit and rent from an unknowing couple …the landlord/owner showed up after the 9th months rent was past due , to find a couple the landlord never rented to living in the apartment .She needs some legal shock with the long sentence ,but under the Federal governments new Federal Prison program ” First Step “she will be back on the streets in a few years .She will be wearing another ankle monitor. Her attorney might have warned her that if she prolonged sentencing by going on the lamb till First Step program was up and running she would be released earlier …so being on the lamb actually lessened her sentence , the judge may be seeing this going on with other defendants and gave her the scared straight sentence .Its her choice now to get out early by programming or do the 14 years of the 17 year sentence. Her choice

It is hard to disagree that she is a vile person. But the cost to taxpayers for a “scared straight” sentence is about $1.4 Million over 14 years.

I would rather give her a shorter term, effective drug treatment, higher restitution fees/fines when released, and longer probation. It would cost us a lot less.

She’s lucky this isn’t Singapore

Seems ridiculously high. That bastard Kelly Gearhead got less for stealing 125 million bucks from seniors and others. The rioters on Jan 6 got way less for trying to kill policeman at our capitol.

17 1/2 years for drug sales but they let murders and rapist off with much less time. WTF has happened to justice.

Certainly she did not pay taxes, so who knows how much she short-changed the public pension fund. Additionally she provided drugs that increase social liabilities that compete for social funding too.

This type of person is a leech on the backside of society. Good riddance.

This drug pusher and destroyer of lives would have received a lesser sentence had she not ignored court orders, violated her terms of release, removed her electronic monitoring locator, and turned fugitive. 17 1/2 years is actually forgivingly lenient because with good behavior she will only serve 33% to 50% of her sentence. If our society was truly serious about combating drugs, sentencing for repeat offender drug dealers would be profoundly rigid and tough.

Tougher sentences don’t work, it’s been proven. What does work is making all drugs legal and offering addicts help and giving them jobs so they can become productive members of society instead of criminalizing them. Look it up. Many European nations are doing it and it has actually been quite an effective way of dealing with their drug problems

Dan Dow. White collar criminals and white Men accused of sexual assault get special treatment. They run in the same social circles. Probably even donate to plea deal Dans reelection campaign.

Looks like a case of Dow Derangement Syndrome.