CalCoastNews reporting from Ukraine

March 8, 2022


A dozen days into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a CalCoastNews reporter has arrived on Ukrainian territory to provide coverage of the ongoing war.

The refugee crisis created by the war is quickly apparent when entering Ukraine from the west. On Tuesday afternoon, at a secondary crossing on the Ukraine-Polish border, at least hundreds of people, mostly women and children, were seen trying to flee Ukraine. There was a long line of both pedestrians and vehicles waiting to cross into Poland.

Located between the towns of Kroscienko, Poland and Smilnytsia, Ukraine, this border checkpoint is not the primary border crossing for Ukraine refugees. The border crossing is a rural, mountainous area south of the main corridor that runs through the western Ukraine city of Lviv, to which or through hundreds of thousands of displaced people have fled.

In Lviv and elsewhere in western Ukraine, accommodations are lacking. A reporter was told their are no lodgings currently available in multiple cities in the region.

“All the people of Kharkiv are here,” a man said, referencing the exodus of Ukraine’s second largest city. Kharkiv, located in northeastern Ukraine close to the Russian border, has come under heavy bombardment in recent days.

While numerous displaced people are fleeing to safer cities and countries, there also appears to be a flow of Ukrainian men and freedom fighters from throughout the world headed to the battle.

On Tuesday night, at the train station in the small city of Stryi, staffers said the next train headed to Kyiv was completely booked with men headed to the fighting.

CalCoastNews will continue its coverage of the war, possibly from Kyiv.

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AndyinAG, this is untrue. How can Ukraine have a Nazi battalion under a Jewish president? Take your meds.

To paraphrase Agent OrangeHair, We’re not so pure, we’ve got nazis in our own military, too.

So, according to you, Putin is the hero? I don’t follow your logic.

Praying for you, for your safety Josh! Along with the Ukraine’s having to endure this horrific situation. STAY SAFE! A story is not worth your life!!

The big prize would be for sneaking into a Russian occupied city in the Ukraine and interview some Russian soldiers. Maybe they have a story to tell? Rat fink on some U.S. backed activities we no nothing about? What we do know that Biden has been dancing around the Ukraine in the past while getting big money for what? There has to be more to this invasion, I can’t fathom this mess over pride? Is this an orchestrated CIA activity to launder big money crooked politics? Keeping an open mind currently is an American right and we will pay for this at the pumps.

It’s about Putins desire to restore the borders of the USSR. It’s about history. modern Russia started in Ukraine. They were one country. Also without ukraine as a buffer, russia will have a much less secure border. Beyond ukraine to the east is vast open planes and flatland (bad for military defense), but in ukraine geographic terrain funnels into a mountain range which leads to the rest of europe (and creates an easier territory to monitor and secure)… I don’t support what russia is doing. Wrong, period.

No conspiracy involving Biden bud. I hate him too but sorry it’s just not there. We’re talking about over 1000 years of history between these two regions.

China will do the same thing to Taiwan soon too. A territory that was once china but has become “westernized” over the last 50 years.

“It’s about history. modern Russia started in Ukraine”

True, but native Ukrainians have always despised the Russians, so much so that in 1941 when the Germans overran the Soviet military in the Ukraine, many Ukrainians celebrated the Nazis as heroes and liberators (a very bad choice). Of course, the regime of Stalin, who seized Ukrainian farms by the millions of acres in the 1930’s, lent fuel to that hatred.

Many Russians, like Putin, have never forgiven the Ukrainians for it. Hence the Nazi label on the Ukrainian government and military.

My understanding is that the Ukraine is home to Russia’s warm water port, they feel they need it for economic as well as military strategic reasons.

Russia/Putin were never going to let that go, don’t know what triggered this invasion, but something happened to get their hackles up!!!

That used to be the case, but Russia has a port on the Mediterranean in Syria.

Kudos to Cal Coast News reporter Josh Friedman for putting it all on the line to bring us a window into what may be the biggest story of our time!!!

Hopefully we only end up with another cold war and not WW3:(

What do you think WW3 will look like? Russia and China (origin of COVID) have recently signed a friendship agreement and the so called western world is falling all over themselves trying to arrange levels of defense. Nukes benefit no rational government today so forget that scenario, one might say we are already in some form of WW3 ever since the COVID cloud. Where did the COVID go for this next chapter, I see nobody in the Ukraine wearing a mask.

Good. Grief.

Way to deflect, Jorge. A stupendously stupid comment bearing no relation to the story above. Stay safe, Josh. Wish I was there.

You are absolutely correct, good. grief., “seek to understand”.

I think they’re a little too busy dodging bullets, bombs and artillery shells to worry about masks. More likelihood of getting killed by the Russians than covid at this point.

Be safe Josh.

Don’t most readers come for, local news, from CAL COAST NEWS? Seems unnecessary…

I know there wasn’t even an article on here about the attack on our capitol on Jan 6th 2021. Wonder why?

I think Josh is trying to make a NAME for himself. Thus going to L.A. during the Protests turned looting. But I do think Josh wants to be one of the well known national journalists. And MANY can read what he comes up with here. They just need to google, and his articles can pop up. May make CCN more popular too! Lord knows with all Karen has done, they deserve a spotlight! She has been Brave, Truthful, shining the light on the shenanigans of the unethical’s. Even despite being attacked and sued by the scumbags, only to show how right she was!! We LOVE Karen!! and I suspect Josh is taking her lead!

Unusual, an invasion of this magnitude is local to all of us in one way or another. I’m grateful to have someone we know and trust on the ground.

It is an important story so was the attack on our capitol. Again no stories here about that.