Deputy shoots 10 rounds at unarmed suspect in Lompoc

March 1, 2022


One deputy shot 10 rounds at an unarmed man during during an incident with the suspect in Lompoc on Feb. 23, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

Following a collision, callers reported the driver of a pickup truck fled the scene while driving erratically. After crashing into a fence, Rudy Angel Delgadillo, 24, ditched the truck and fled on foot.

He was then captured on surveillance video trying the doors of two parked cars and entering a third vehicle.

Deputies Ross Van Tassel and Yeshella Jimenez ordered Delgadillo to stop, but he would not comply and instead took what the deputies perceived was a shooting stance, according to a press release.

Van Tassel fired 10 rounds and Jimenez fired one round at Delgadillo. One round hit the suspect in the shoulder, who remains in the hospital. Officials placed both deputies on paid administrative leave.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the incident to call (805) 681-4171.

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In the old days cops carried drop guns just in case this happens to avoid being held responsible and jailed or at least fired. I suppose they don’t need to worry about being held responsible in today’s climate.

The criminal only has himself to blame.

Perp was shot in the shoulder not the head or the heart! I’m assuming that was not because the officer is a bad shot. As terrible as it is, The officer believed he was about to get shot! Hard to blame the officer for defending himself. I think He did good. The Perp could have just laid down, as he should have! He’s lucky He is not dead. You don’t play games with cops!

Do you mean “I think they did well.”? If so, in the absence of bodycam footage, I cannot agree, particularly on the part of the officer who was apparently zero for ten and scattered at least nine chunks of fast moving lead around Lompoc.

Stop means stop.

I do believe some range time is in order.

yes. I think it would be funny, though, if the one bullet that struck was from the cop who only fired once. gives them some major bragging rights against their partner when they get back to the station.

Most likely the case, seems someone is a bit jumpy and should be required to keep ammo in a pocket. Not funny

Easily avoided; just do as the officer says. simple.

So if an unarmed man takes the wrong posture that’s cause to shoot?

Also, 11 shots, one on target? How did Barney Fife get all the bullets out of his pocket in time?

Where did the 90% of the wayward bullets end up?

It’s called a clip; it holds multiple rounds, at the ready. Hitting the actual target is much tougher in a real life high adrenaline situation than on the range.

It’s called a “clip” in the movies. It’s called a “magazine” in real life. “At the ready” refers to stance and position of firearm. For pistol, that’s about 45 degrees down from pointed in, or all the way down if “sul” position. Yes, hitting target is more difficult with adrenaline but you still don’t press the trigger unless you have sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger control.

Actually it’s a magazine, not a clip.

we know he was unarmed after the fact because he would have been searched when he was arrested. can’t tell from what the article says if the officers knew that during the incident.. so, to fix your question:

so if a man who has just wrecked some vehicles, fled the scene driving dangerously, tried to jack another car, refused lawful orders and might be armed takes the wrong posture that’s cause to shoot?

Likely yes.

Now you have to be aware of how you stand in front of a public official or be shot. No taser, no mace, no scene safety precaution. Just 10 rounds of lead Fk you and qualified immunity. And a nice pair holiday pay on my dime and a lawsuits soon and bragging rights at the office. Police state. What is this, Russia? China? Belarus? Guilty until dead. Shoot first, ask questions later at the morgue.

If the suspect would just COMPLY, none of this happens. Running is the worst thing you can do! I sympathize with the officers more than the “victim”. Shame on the department for not standing by their officers!

Comply or we will shoot 11 rounds at you but please stand still so we can hit you with our bullets or you aren’t complying.

Better be body cam footage or these cops will be in deep doo doo

No doo doo deep or otherwise as long as any lawsuits lost are paid for by the taxpayers.