Record number of freshman applicants apply to Cal Poly

March 21, 2022


For the second year in a row, Cal Poly has set a record for the number of applicants wanting to attend the San Luis Obispo County campus.

More than 69,000 first-time freshman applicants applied to attend Cal Poly in fall 2022, an increase of 2,474 applications form the prior year. At the same time, applications to transfer from Cal Poly are down.

Earlier this year, Cal Poly was ranked in the top 10 for best value among California universities, in sixth place.

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I have a bad feeling that maybe kids are flocking to colleges and taking out student loans hand over fist because they are expecting said loans to be forgiven in the near future.

Higher education is unique in that the more you spend often does not reward you more….

I went to Cuesta before transferring to Cal Poly. I had a much better experience at Cuesta. The instructors at Cuesta were very involved, excited, into their jobs. Poly, not so much. I certainly don’t feel that I got what I paid for at Poly, and that school has helped in the degradation of SLO.

I’ve always wondered why the University is not required to process an EIR when making significant enrollment increases? The University depends on the use of local roads and dumps bio-waste into the SLO sewage plant, costing the non-student locals rate increases to cover system expanded maintenance and RWQCB fines every time there is a tested failure of the system.

Jorge, it because Poly is a sacred cow. Say anything derogatory or even remotely critical in public about Cal Poly and you might be labeled “anti higher education “ and not invited to play in the “City sandbox with the local elites.”

As it has been said,” the smart people cause all of the problems”. Dean Martin & Goldie Hawn- Smart People (YouTube)

There’s much more: increased solid waste to local sanitary landfills, diminished quality of life in SLO neighborhoods and downtown, increase in crime, increased traffic and air pollution, increased noise pollution, absurd institutional architecture and penitentiary style all-night security lighting on campus. All are adverse impacts on the pace of life and character of the town. Cal Poly has ruined what used to be a beautiful community.

Spoiler alert, but they already did perform an EIR for the construction of the new student housing which is where the bulk of the expanded enrollment will go. The University pays their share for the sewer system. All the new homes being built in SLO also contribute to “bio-waste” in the sewer system, so they can be equally blamed for any stress on the system.