SLO County gas prices rise above $5.50 a gallon

March 7, 2022

Gas in Santa Margarita


Amid the economic fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions on Moscow, local drivers are again paying record prices at the pump.

Shortly after rising above $5 a gallon for the first time, the average price of regular gasoline in San Luis Obispo County has risen above $5.50. The average price of regular gasoline in SLO County is $5.52 a gallon, as of Monday, according to AAA.

One week ago, the local average was $5 a gallon. A year ago, it was $3.89.

Gas prices in SLO County remain among the highest in the nation. In California, the state with the highest gas prices, only drivers in Mono, Humboldt and Del Norte counties are currently paying more at the pump than drivers in SLO County

The current California average is $5.34 a gallon. The national average is $4.07.

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It’s worth it to me so I can drive around all day in my monster truck. I’m practical.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather pay a couple more dollars per gallon of gas then have a fascist in office. We should be thankful.

You need to learn the meaning of the term fascist.

You must not be poor my friend… Yes I support the people of Ukraine, but I can’t even support myself. I am quite literally drowning in debt. I work 40-50 hours a week and still can’t get ahead. $100 to fill up, and $1000 for a room in this county. We need a damn gas tax holiday.

Kind of like the fascist administration we currently have. Stumbling their way to a sure defeat in upcoming elections.

This is the price we are paying for electing the dumbest group of people ever to run our country.

What a mess…. in just one year’s time…. The only thing I can hope for is that people are learning from this nightmare…. And that they may rethink which political party they support at the ballot box….

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says to just go buy an electric vehicle. Miss President Trump yet?


Hell no!

You really should go buy an electric car they’re great. I’m saving over 800/month at these gas prices and will never go back to an ice vehicle.

Most of the people can’t afford a electric car let alone any new car now. Your quote clean electric is powered by electricity created by fossil fuels. I don’t own one and was curious is it free to charge up your veh at the charging stations

I worked a second job for over 5 years to help get myself to where I’m at today. I have off grid solar with battery backup and produce my own energy needs. I was spending over 600 a month on electricity and propane alone and now no gas. You can afford an electric car and solar if you’re willing to work for it. I paid cash for the solar and car saving the money from second job. No not free to fill up at most charging stations but some are free that being said I could completely charge my battery from 0 and spend $16(fast charging cheaper if level 2 but takes longer) and drive the same distance that would take $100 @$5/gallon in my minivan. Another plus is no more oil changes tuneups smog crap etc. saves even more money. Will take 6 yrs to recoup the cash I have into the car and solar after that it’s free energy.

Yup! and you know they’ve all invested in that “New energy” looking for their payout.


Never personally been one to fly a flag with any politician’s name on it, but the Biden/Harris voters and Branch Covidian “work” and “school” from home fans contributed to this mess prior to Putin’s recent actions in Ukraine –

Not sure how working from home contributed to high gas prices. I think gas prices went down when people were working from home. Maybe that 2.50 gas was just a dream?

Bad news and the cost instantly goes up, good news and the cost will slowly go down. Sure does resemble price gouging? I certainly did not vote for this mess, now we have to pick up where we left off and pay for the damage control too.

Nobody voted for this. Oil is a speculative market and one of the biggest petroleum exporters just invaded a sovereign country. Is there a shortage of oil and gas? Nope.

You voted for this


Yep I voted for the president who is trying to stop putin without starting ww3 and not the former president who worships the ground putin walks on. I don’t like Joe Biden but it was truly a choice of the lesser of two evils. Trump wants to be putin he’s envious of his complete power. Trump lost because republicans like me refused to vote for someone like that.

^ This

Putin had Trump so wrapped around his little finger, that he waited until Biden was a year into his term before attacking Ukraine?

Yeah…that’s not how former Soviets turned dictators work.

You should read what trumps former national security advisor said about this.

well …some did