Three car accident stalls traffic on Highway 101 in Templeton

March 16, 2022

Photo by Richard Bastian


A three-vehicle accident stalled traffic on Highway 101 near Vineyard Drive in Templeton on Wednesday afternoon, injuring at least on person.

Shortly after noon, a red car headed southbound on Highway 101 clipped a white pickup truck headed in the same direction, a CHP officer at the scene said. The red car then careened off the west side of the highway and rolled multiple times in a steep ravine.

Photo by Richard Bastian

The crash propelled the truck into the center median where it landed on its side. A third vehicle, a grey sedan, also landed in the center divide, according to the CHP.

An ambulance transported at least one person to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton. Further information about the crash is not currently available.

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Everyone needs to slow down. I commute 50 miles round trip to work six days a week and the speed and inconsiderate driving has never been this bad. I often see speeds on the downhill side of the grade to SLO reaching speeds of 85-90 mph as they pass the digital speed sign. What the f…? Is there really justification for that kind of stupidity and deadly speed behind the wheel.