Bill calls for shortening workweek to 32 hours in California

April 12, 2022


A bill in the California Legislature would shorten the workweek, as defined by state law, from 40 to 32 hours.

If adopted, AB 2932 would require companies with more than 500 employees to pay workers 1.5 times their regular rate for work in excess of 32 hours in a week. Failure to do so would constitute a misdemeanor.

There are more than 2,500 companies in California with more than 500 employees, according to Employment Development Department data. The overtime pay rule would not apply to businesses with 500 or fewer workers.

While the bill would change the definition of a workweek, a full workday would remain eight hours. Companies with more than 500 employees would still need to pay workers 1.5 times their regular rate for work done in excess of eight hours in a single day.

Democratic Assembly Members Evan Low and Christina Garcia co-authored AB 2932, which was introduced in February.

Garcia told the LA Times on Friday, the bill was inspired, in part, by an exodus of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of whom were seeking a better quality of life.

“We’ve had a five-day workweek since the Industrial Revolution,” Garcia said. “But, we’ve had a lot of progress in society, and we’ve had a lot of advancements. I think the pandemic right now allows us the opportunity to rethink things, to reimagine things.”

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Another example of politicians not doing a feasibility study listing all the collateral damage for 32 hour workweeks. Accumulating 20% fewer hours a week will be reflected in average weekly unemployment benefit of 20% less. Child care and preschools will suffer attendance loss on Monday and Fridays as parents watch their kids more, putting those businesses in economic uncertainty. Once schools and teachers join 4/8’s bandwagon, cafeteria staff, librarians, custodians, bus drivers…all get less earning hours. There’s zero accountability and consequences for these transitory politicians with bad superficial policies that create another case of social engineered whack-a-mole.

Garcia says, “I think the pandemic right now allows us the opportunity to rethink things, to reimagine things.”

I say this. “Mr. Garcia, reimagine YOU are the employer forced to decide between paying overtime, or cutting staff hours while knowing they’re already struggling. Reimagine the reality employers already face in this highly taxed state.”

No wonder Elon Musk left.

Just another move that will lose our jobs to other states with more common sense…..

“Alex, I’d like pandering for votes for 400 please…”

from the LA Times article:

“Garcia said conversations are ongoing about how the rules would work for salaried employees. She said the bill does not apply to workers with collective bargaining agreements because “I like to think of this as a floor, and oftentimes our bargaining agreements are better.””

raise your hand if you’re shocked. anyone? “crickets”