Is the SLO County clerk-recorder taking advantage of her position?

April 21, 2022

Jim Baugh


I have never been involved in running for a political office until I decided to make a run for the position of San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder. I soon discovered there is indeed “rules for thee, but not for me” when going against those that are part of the bureaucracy and believe that they are keepers of the office. It appears Elaina Cano, the appointed clerk recorder, is using her office to advantage herself.

I filled out the California’s Secretary of States ballot designation worksheet for the June 7 Primary Election with the official title that is provided from my current employer. Cano’s staff informed me that I could not have that title on the ballot because of a decision made by a committee on the wording of it. They were concerned that my job title unfairly advantaged me. Did they call my employer? No. Did they call me and ask me to further explain the title? No.

Meanwhile, Cano violated the rules on the form with the Secretary of States seal on it. The form clearly states, “you may select as your ballot designation one of the following designations:” (c) “Appointed [full title of public office]” if you currently serve by appointment in an elective public office and are seeking election to the same office or to some other office.” Cano has it backwards on the official statewide candidate list by listing herself as “County Clerk-Recorder, Appointed.” A designation she approved for herself. The appointed should clearly be before the position under the rules set forth by the Secretary of State.

Either Cano is willfully disregarding the rules that all other candidates must abide by or she is inept and cannot follow the very simple rules that the California’s Secretary of State’s office provided. Either way, this wrong title should not be on the ballot because it is a clear violation of the standard that was provided to all candidates.

We deserve better from our leaders and should elect leaders who will hold themselves to the same standard all others must adhere to.

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Seems like a pretty minor error to be throwing a fuss about…

There’s nothing minor about errors in the fairness regarding the voting process. A minor error here, a minor error there, the next thing you know the will of the voters and fairness to candidates running against incumbents is tremendously impacted.

Nothing minor about having your head in the sand while excepting and excusing errors in the voting process.

Hey man, you left us hanging. What is it you do for a living, and what is your title?

Something fishy here.

According to his website, he was a Soldier, and make sure to capitalize Soldier.

This is oddly lacking in details. What was the title that was submitted and what was the title that the committee approved? Who was on the committee?

So what’s your title? If you want some sympathy that she overstepped her authority give us the whole picture.

Exactly. What is his job title with his current employer? Ditch digger, doctor, lawyer, prep cook, janitor, concrete finisher, landscape maintenance worker, nuclear physicist? That said, I support Stew Jenkins, he is qualified and by the book, period. SLO County is the poster-child for politics subverting civil service obligations.

Stew talks a good game, but actions speak louder than words. We’ll see in the long run if his Democrat/Progressives ties are stronger and control him or will he be a man of his word. I still don’t trust him due to his past track record.

Thank you for sharing truth we are all tired of corruption. I’m sure if this is not corrected it was done strategically.