People injured in two-car crash in SLO

April 22, 2022


Two cars collided at a San Luis Obispo intersection on Thursday, leaving one of the vehicles overturned.

On Tuesday afternoon, a caller reported a crash at the intersection of Santa Rosa Street and Foothill Boulevard. Several people involved in the crash suffered minor injuries, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Police are investigating the crash.

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I try to avoid driving anywhere near Cal Poly whenever possible. Especially the Foothill/Santa Rosa area.

It looks like Josh is back from the war in the Ukraine…reporting on local traffic accidents. That must be a little jarring for him. We only got a couple of articles about refugees. It would be interesting to learn about the decisions to go & return. It feels like there’s more story there.

Should probably add another intersection and stop light. Then another between that. And so on until it’s 5 feet at a time. That or, ya know, teach people how to drive better.

It was an accident.

“Oopsies. Lol.” Good luck pleading that in traffic court.

And yet someone will have to take responsibility for it, so…

A tree falling on your car, is an accident. A flat tire and hitting a road sign, is an accident. Barreling through a heavily controlled and monitored intersection to T-bone another car…is a bad driver.

There are lots of traffic collisions, but very few traffic ”accidents”.