A vote for Lynn Compton, is a vote for our neighborhoods

May 20, 2022

Supervisor Lynn Compton


Let me tell you why I’m endorsing Lynn Compton for San Luis Obispo County District 4 Supervisor. Lynn was the only South County politician who publicly fought against an underhanded attempt to transform the former Hillside Church in Grover Beach into a homeless center.

This idea was propagated and driven by former supervisor Adam Hill and others closely associated with him. At a Board of Supervisors meeting in 2019, Adam Hill insisted that the $2.6 million HEAP grant for a South County Homeless Center be awarded only for the church property.

Residents overwhelmingly felt that the proposed location was not appropriate as it was near an elementary school and in the middle of a quiet residential family neighborhood.

Lynn Compton listened to the residents and advocated for the award as long as it could be used for the purchase of any property. While Adam Hill prevailed in a vote restricting the funds to the church property, Lynn Compton won war.

Lynn Compton helped save our bucolic neighborhood from being destroyed by those politicians who thought this was the “right location” for a homeless administrative, intake and housing center. We thank her for helping return our neighborhood to a place where children feel safe while walking to the grammar school two blocks away, no longer have rampant theft occurring on properties, and don’t find needles in yards.

As it stands today, the administration offices for Five Cities Homeless Coalition is in a building they purchased in the Grover Beach Homeless Overlay Zone for over $800,000, and the balance of the $2.6 million is going towards an intake and housing facility currently being constructed in Pismo Beach. This is how Lynn envisioned it.

The church is now thriving and growing, neighborhood residents are improving their homes, and homes near the church now sell in days. Neighbors feel secure about the intended use of the former Hillside Church property.

Thank you Lynn for your backbone and tenacity, for listening to your constituents and fighting for them.

Paul Hertel is an Arroyo Grande resident who lives near the former Hillside Church property.

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The church property was donated and made into a church. A man took over management of the church and then put it in another name. It was a con that I bet Adam Hill and others planned to profit from. It went to court and the thieves lost.

Remember, Adam Hill’s wife was caught stealing from the homeless, and demoted.

This is not about treating the homeless well, this is about corruption. And yes, Lynn Compton was a person who stood up to the corrupt bully.


“Residents overwhelmingly felt that the proposed location was not appropriate as it was near an elementary school and in the middle of a quiet residential family neighborhood.”

Sure, if they are homeless, they must be a threat to society, especially little kids. Probably drugs and alcohol involved.

So, where does Ms. Compton feel we should house these houseless people—an island 20 miles offshore. I wonder what her solution is for the chronic homeless in this area?

Checked her website:

“Added to the “50-NOW” homeless program  now “70 Now.” Targets most chronically homeless individuals to get them into permanent supportive housing and get them wrap around mental health services.

Yearly neighborhood clean-up days set up with my communities in South County.

40 Prado Homeless Service Center built.

State of art Drug Withdrawal facility built in SLO to get drug addicts into treatment and off the street.

New mental health facility in SLO for those in crisis.

Launched Community Action Team (CAT) partnerships with mental health, and law enforcement agencies for outreach and engagement of county’s most vulnerable populations, including those impacted by mental illness, substance abuse, and homelessness.

Established 20 pallet homes in Grover Beach to aid with homeless situation.

Supported numerous affordable housing initiatives.”

Nothing actually mentioned about where these people should go—vague language about “permanent supportive housing” or “pallet homes” ???, whatever that is, and only 20 of them? This sort of political doublespeak leads me to believe that Ms. Compton doesn’t really care about the homeless (guessing it has never touched her life), but she will block them from coming into any of her “bucolic” neighborhoods.

Plenty of couched language here that simply implies that homeless people are a threat and should be locked up.

Pretty sure Ms. Compton didn’t get into politics to solve actual problems, but was encouraged by wealthy friends to run because she is attractive and can speak out of both sides of her mouth.

Lynn isn’t perfect, but who the heck is? Unlike another Supervisor and her opponent, she would stand up against the demands and threats of the most unscrupulous corrupt Board member in SLO County history.

Awesome, I agree 100%, Compton is for the people of her district.

Yeah, I hate Homeless Veterans too, especially the homeless mentally disabled.