Gun wielding Atascadero student sent threat over social media

May 26, 2022


An Atascadero High School student posted a threatening video of himself racking a shotgun on Wednesday, that led to the evacuation of the school campus on Thursday.

The student posted the video on Snapchat, a social media platform, and then sent it to one other student. However, the video was forwarded to others students and broadcast from there.

Out of an abundance of caution, the school was locked down, students were evacuated, and Atascadero police opened an investigation.

After discovering the student lived outside the city limits, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department was asked to take the lead in the investigation. Detectives determined the gun was no longer accessible to the student, and that the threat was not made against the school.

“In summary, there has not been a direct threat to the school, and this incident is isolated between two students,” according to the Atascadero Police Department. “This investigation is ongoing and any applicable charges will be submitted to the District Attorney for review.”

Atascadero High School officials decided to keep the campus closed for the remainder of the day.

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So what punishment will this dumb kid get? None is my guess unless his parents step up to the plate and hammers him. How can our small area get this type of info and similar posts in reference to killing was done by the Texas shooter and no one noticed Bizarre ?

I give him a dead iPad and 90 days of solitary confinement for the summer break.

Kid sounds like a real Dylan Klebold in the making.

Parents: If you’re a gun owner who fails to secure your firearms. And your immature-mouth-breathing-offspring take advantage of your failures by accessing the firearm and using it to threaten/harm other people.

Not only have you failed at parenting; you’ve failed at being a decent community member and you’ve failed at being a responsible gun owner.

Achieving this level of failure should restrict you from gun-ownership and make you culpable for the crimes your kid committed, with an enhancement charge for supplying the weapon.

I completely agree. I am a gun owner, hunter, sport shooter and 2nd Amendment defender. But for God’s sake, lock up your guns! Educate those around you, young an old about gun safety, etc.

With rights come responsibilities!

Lock up my guns? No chance. I need to have them easily accessible in case I need them…. From my cold dead hands. Support the NRA and Vote Republican.

You’re ex-corrections. Still dealing with the feelings of hyper-vigilance and being on-guard at all times. It’s a lot to deal with. Makes sense why you feel the need to have protection ready-to-go at all times.

Regardless, if your firearm is unsecured and because of your failure to secure, is used in a crime — that’s your fault. In such a scenario your negligence should be punished.

The NRA’s gun safety program would disagree with you. They do not encourage you to have a loaded gun laying loose around the house. Their safety courses, that I have taken, teach you RESPECT for weapons in your care. Proper storage is but one topic. Have you ever taken one?

Also your “from my cold dead hands” quote is a piece of tired old shoe leather too. It is right out of 1970’s John Birch Society …

How about an update?…Like… “You will need a lot more cold dead children before you can pry my gun from my (metaphorically) bloody hands”. It is equally as accurate and suitable for our times.

Vote gun safety. I don’t care what party you are from.

“The children need to have them easily accessible”

Guns are the Leading Cause of Death for Children in the US

All the pro/pre-birth “outrage” and yet absolute stonewalling of public health by the gqp. Can’t have mental health support, that’s free stuff and Jesus said no to helping those in need.

If you want to keep a gun handy, nightstand, etc, that’s your choice. I know people who do but I don’t because I don’t feel unsafe. That’s my choice and I respect yours. Everyone’s living situation is different. My only caveat is, if some kid, yours or anybody else’s gets a hold of that gun and commits a crime, that’s on you.

Just saying.