SLO County District 3 Voters: Redeem Yourselves

May 27, 2022
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


Remember the fruit of a poisoned tree.

That poisoned tree was the late Adam Hill, the most corrupt locally elected official we’ve seen in decades. While San Luis Obispo County District 3 voters were responsible for electing Hill to three terms of office, do they now regret their decision? After the FBI discovered that he’d accepted over $30,000 in bribes from marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring, one would think so but it remains to be seen.

On June 7, will third District voters take the opportunity to redeem themselves of their poor decision-making or will they extend Hill’s influence by electing Hill’s former girlfriend Dawn Ortiz Legg. Hopefully they’ll choose redemption.

Dawn Ortiz Legg: The Stalking Horse

Rewarding her for her loyalty to him, Hill appointed Ortiz Legg as his Planning Commissioner, a powerful position in the County of San Luis Obispo. She’d already shown her ambition for higher office by running against Assembly Member Jordan Cunningham in 2016, albeit unsuccessfully a few years ago.

Supervisor Dawn Ortiz-Legg

In that failed race, Ortiz Legg displayed some foibles of her own. In a radio debate with Cunningham during the campaign, Legg was asked, “Have you ever been arrested?” Her first response was “No,” but she had to walk that back when she remembered she was busted for a DUI in 2001–an experience she said she “enjoyed”.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that she was cited for possession of marijuana in 2005 before pot was legalized in 2015. Some thought these revelations cost her the race.

Enter 2019 when Ortiz Legg was appointed by Gov. Gavin Newsom to fill Adam Hill’s vacancy. Yet since then, her accomplishments have been unremarkable. She has followed the Progressive line of resisting redistricting at the urging of Supervisor Bruce Gibson and leftist Tribune editorial writer Tom Fulks, the man behind Gibson’s throne.

But what was really disturbing emerged the fact that in Kopelman Ortiz Legg urged a fellow supervisor to name a public facility in honor of her mentor Adam Hill. Adam Hill doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame, he belongs in the Hall of shame. What was she thinking?

Stacy Korsgaden: The Better Leader

Stacy Korsgaden

Korsgaden is a well-respected South County business woman active in many South County community organizations. She’s intelligent, a great listener, and has a great compassion for the communities stretching from Avila Beach to Oceano.

Stacy almost beat Adam Hill when she ran against him last time and that was before he was exposed for the corrupt official he truly was. Had the election been decided weeks later, she would’ve cleaned Hill’s clock.

To the voters of the 3rd district, don’t fall prey to continuing Adam Hill’s sorry legacy. Redeem yourselves. Embrace a better future with Stacy Korsgaden!

T. Keith Gurnee is a former San Luis Obispo councilman who has been involved in local politics for more than 40 years.

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Stacy is a breath of fresh air!

She is hardworking and very capable.

She is honest and caring.

She deserves your vote for District 3 Supervisor!

“Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups”…

The Korsgaden candidacy was DOA the minute she arrived in Washington, D.C. to attend the January 6th rally. More than a year later, she still refused to acknowledge that Biden had won the election. Not even Keith Gurnee can save her at this point.

Just going to the speech is not the same as participating in the insurrection at the capital building.

But what is worse, that Dawn wants to continue in Adam Hill’s legacy and does not see the bribery as a big deal or that Stacy liked Trump.

As a supervisor in SLO County, I think it is more important to condemn corruption.

Hills corruption is t-ball compared to trumps

Sorry Keith- You’re wrong on this one. Dawn is no Adam Hill, and Stacey’s Trump worship can’t be overlooked. Dawn brings her ability to compromise and reach across the aisle to the Board. Her record reflects the fact that she’s not in lock step with the progressive or “democrat” agenda, and as a registered republican who is sick of mindless Trump worship, I am a huge fan of Dawn. She is a woman who can and will get things done.

One of the candidates bragged about attending an insurrection against our country. How is that ok? HOW is it even be a debate? It’s absolutely insulting “The party of Law and order” doesn’t care about “Law and order”.

WHEN does the “Party of Law and order” start observing “Law and order”? Flying to the other side of America to attack out country is absolutely unforgivable. Every single official in charge of the election results has certified that it was observed and verified but, some can’t accept democracy because their grifter didn’t win. Look at all of the corruption coming out. All the books written and she STILL supports him. THAT is unconscionable. I don’t know about Dawn Ortiz-Legg, but I DO know that someone that took the time to book a flight to attack America has absolutely ZERO place in government. ZERO.

And yet Hillary is still claiming the 2016 was stolen from her.

Hillary did the right thing and conceded. When is Trump gonna concede?

Hillary got millions more votes than trump did so she at least has more of an argument than trump does

Really? This is now about Hilary? TRUMP insists the election was stolen, has rallies whining about the “stolen election” If it was stolen, all of the republicans in charge of elections should be replaced by democrats. Obviously the republicans in charge of the election counting and certification are either corrupt, incompetent, evil or having mental issues. Either the republicans that certified the elections were correct, or they weren’t. If they WERE correct, Trump is a evil sick man. If not, they need to resign and let honest, competent Americans in charge.

Bla..bla..insurrection…this and insurrection that…

It was a riot, plans and simple.

Sound and fury my friend.


How embarrassing. People have went to jail already for PLANNING and executing an insurrection.

She did not fly to Washington to attack America, she went to the rally, not the insurrection at the capital. There is a huge difference.

Funny how complete strangers from every single state all knew to go to our capital. Brought bear spray, bats, stun guns, flag poles etc. Here is a post from someone. As a violent pro-Trump mob streamed through the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, two women who had breached the building through a broken window paused to film a selfie video amid the chaos.

“We broke into the Capitol … we got inside, we did our part,” Dawn Bancroft said into her cell phone camera while standing next to Diana Santos-Smith, both of them wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. Referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Bancroft added: “We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin’ brain, but we didn’t find her,” according to federal prosecutors.

Bancroft later sent the video to her children, according to the criminal complaint. Three weeks after the attack, both she and Santos-Smith were arrested in Pennsylvania on federal charges stemming from the storming of the Capitol building.

How someone can deny reality is unbelievable. If BLM did EXACTLY as the insurrectionists, there’d be congress on the news and every Maga would be spitting mad. If La Raza did the exact same thing, there’d be marching in the streets.

Why won’t Gym Jordan or Mark Meadows testify? If Trump was innocent, they could clear it up in 5 minutes, instead of defying a congressional subpoena. gym Jordan couldn’t remember if he spoke to trump DURING AN ATTACK. WHO wouldn’t know that? Every single person I know remembers where they were on 911. Someone inside a building under siege doesn’t remember speaking to the person that could stop it? Watch military stories, everyone can relive combat over and over and over. Gym jordan visibly lying. stammering, stuttering an blushing.

I know both and can’t vote for either but I support Stacey for her business mind and this county definitely need that. I’m not saying business as in how to grow government but how to promote self-reliance and prioritize fiscal obligations to those who pay to live here.

Fruit of a poisoned tree argument?

The most poisonous tree this country has had the misfortune of being dealt is Donald Trump, yet the candidate TKG wants us to back is one of that poisonous tree’s most loyal cult followers.

Korsgaden is on record stating that she does not believe our current president was rightfully and legally elected to his position. She dances around it with a word salad of denial-without-accountability-of-denying.

She is also on record saying she would NOT officially state that if left to local voting she would allow women a choice on their own medical health decisions (reproductive rights).


Adam was a good-for-nothing jerk and abused his power, absolutely. I lived in D3 and personally dealt with his toxic gross actions.

There is a vast difference between Legg-Ortiz and Korsgaden though. Korsgaden is STILL guzzling down Trump’s culty Flavor-Aid and SLO countyt needs someone better than a lowly cult follower.

Comparing two crazy people isn’t much of a selling point. One attended the capital riot thinking the election was stolen, Stacey, one took bribes. No thanks.

Better of two evils?

“None of the above?”

You lost me when you used such expressions as “leftist” and “Progressive line,” as if these political stands were somehow undesirable. Oh, well . . . you weren’t writing for me anyway. Best wishes!