Brothers arrested for illegal pot sales, with drugs and weapons

June 17, 2022


Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested two Santa Maria brothers on Thursday for the alleged illegal distribution of cannabis, along with drug and firearm charges.

As part of an investigation into illegal marijuana sales in Orcutt and the surrounding area, detectives served a search warrant at 20-year-old Nathan Mediano’s home in Santa Maria. During the search, detectives located over two ounces of cocaine, over 2,000 M30 pills (fake oxycodone that frequently contains fentanyl), over $5,000 in cash and an illegal short barreled assault weapon with high-capacity magazines and ammunition.

Deputies arrested Nathan Mediano on charges related to illegal cannabis sales, drug possession and weapons charges. Deputies also arrested Nathan’s brother, 33-year-old Salvador Mediano, who they linked to the crimes,

Officers booked both suspects in the Northern Branch Jail with their bail set at $100,000 each.

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Question for KAREN VELIE. What percentage of people out on bail never show up for their court appearance? Also, what percentage of people out on bail who come from another Country never show up for the court appearance?

Wasn’t legalizing cannabis such a great idea. It doesn’t lead to other drugs or violence. Oh, wait a minute, yes it does. How many other cannabis dealers, legal or illegal are weaponized like these two idiots? This bad idea is now deeply rooted and coming home to roost.

I remember going to my city council meetings regarding the cannabis regulations, rules and taxes. The state at the time in their wording to the staff report said the reason the tax was going to be so high was to help pay for the problems legalizing the skunkweed was going to create. I guess they knew what they were talking about. How insane.

Their biggest problem is the pot charge, the government collects taxes on pot, but not coke and fentanyl.

So lets keep up on this and see how much time they are given for the possession of a ILLEGAL ASSAULT rifle. Remember Ca has one of the strictest gun laws

Only $100,000 bail, you got to be kidding me.