Brush fire east of Arroyo Grande grows to 200 acres, threatens structures

June 28, 2022


A brush fire burning in rural Arroyo Grande off Huasna Road on Tuesday has scorched over 200 acres.

Shortly after noon, a caller reported a fire burning in the 8400 block of Huasna Road. The fire quickly spread and is now endangering structures in the area.

Officials have ordered evacuations from Huasna Road at Mary Hall Road to Huasna Townsite Road.

The Camino Fire currently has the potential to grow to 1,500 acres. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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These fires are paid for from the state emergency fund (if a state responsibility fire) or the Forest Service budget (if a federal responsibility fire). If the fire burns across multiple jurisdictions the costs are shared. The Federal government will also reimburse the state for 75% of the costs via a Fire Management Assistance Grant if it’s a qualifying fire. If during the course of investigating the fire it is determined it was caused by someone who was violating the law the state will go after them to recover the costs of putting out the fire.

Do the people living in a fire zone pay for the all the Fire Aircraft/ trucks/ personnel? What budget pays for this? Seems like the county should tax these out laying homes more money than city folk.

Rural dwellers pay a cal fire fee. Where do you think food comes from, the grocery store? Everyone in California is essentially in a fire zone as evidenced by entire neighborhoods being burned up in Northern California and Southern California. Don’t think because you live in an apartment somewhere you deserve some kind of discounted tax.