Four people injured in rollover crash at the Oceano Dunes

June 28, 2022


Four people were injured in a single-vehicle crash at the Oceano Dunes on Tuesday afternoon.

Shortly after noon, a 19-year-old was driving an off-road vehicle on a 15-foot dune when the vehicle rolled. The crash left four people complaining of pain and in need of medical care, according to State Parks rangers.

A California Highway Patrol helicopter transported a 17-year-old passenger to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo for treatment. First responders transported the driver and the remaining two passengers to the hospital in ambulances.

State Park rangers are investigating the crash.

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“complying of pain and in need of medical care”. They can, but I think this is a grammatical error. The dunes; here we go again, costing locals money in accidents and tragedy to ecology and life. Supreme court should rule on this, Jesus would call this recreational use of Gasoline sinful.

Stupid people get hurt by doing stupid things in all aspects of life. Access to the dunes has nothing to do with fate.

Yep, and some of the people who frequent the Oceano Dues are among the most stupid individuals in the state. Mayhem and death are common denominators of this place. Look it up.

Go ride your vehicles in the desert. There’s plenty of it, and more everyday.

California deserts are far more complex, fragile, and endangered ecosystems than the mounds of sand at ….., uh, what’s it called? Oh yeah, the location’s OFFICIAL NAME is Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

Hogwash, there are miles and miles of desert land in Cal and Nevada that are set aside for motorized vehicles. Go about 50 miles east of Las Vegas or only a few miles outside of Needles and you have areas where these types of vehicles are welcomed.

Oceano Dunes is the only one of its type on the West Coast of the U.S.. It has survived because of a peculiar combination of state and local regulations.

Time for it to close. That beach would draw far more tourism from non-motorized tourists.

You state “Oceano Dunes (state park) is the only one of its type on the West Coast of the United States”. That is PRECISELY why it is unique and special and should continue to be managed and enjoyed as it has been since before WW2.

If tourists were “non-motorized”, how exactly would those far more tourists be drawn to and get to ”that beach”, the Oceano Dunes???

Without the dune access by recreational vehicles, what, pray tell, would draw tourists from around the world to…Oceano? The crime? The packing plant? Horribly maintained streets? Railroad museum? The immense quantities of giant Pismo Clams? Johnny Depp?